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Episode 1 - Abby Cadabby's First Day of School. Episode 4110

Abby Cadabby is so excited about her first day at the Storybook Community School that she zaps herself back to Sesame Street to tell Elmo all about it. When it’s time for show and tell, Abby asks Elmo to help her come up with something great to share! Also: Professor Grover teaches his class about the word “escuela.” This episode is brought to you by the letter C and the number 2.


Episode 2 - Gabi and Miles Graduate from High School. Episode 4112

All the residents of Sesame Street are celebrating Gabi and Miles’ graduation from high school. Elmo can’t believe that they’re done with school before he’s even started! Also: The worms are working out and persuade Oscar to sing them a song; Ernie and Bert reminisce about their friendship. This episode is brought to you by the letter P and the number 15.


Episode 3 - Herb, the Plant-Eating Dinosaur. Episode 4113

Herb, the plant-eating dinosaur, is enjoying all that Sesame Street has to offer, but not everyone believes that there’s a giant prehistoric lizard eating a salad at Hooper’s Store! Also: Miles, Zoe, and Elmo sing a song about breakfast. Global Grover demonstrates a musical instrument from Puerto Rico. This episode is brought to you by the letter W and the number 0.


Episode 4 - Maria and Luis's Wedding Anniversary. Episode 4115

Everyone keeps interrupting Maria and Luis’s wedding anniversary celebration—will they ever find time to be alone? Also: Matt Lauer conducts a hard-hitting interview with Cookie Monster, and Ernie sings “Somebody Come and Play.” This episode is brought to you by the letter H and the number 3.


Episode 5 - Ask Oscar Show. Episode 4118

It’s time for Telly’s new show “Ask Oscar!” but when the questions start to flow, Oscar clams up. Can anyone make him crack? Also: Wyclef Jean and Cookie Monster sing about healthy food, and Global Grover plays a game of cricket with a cricket! This episode is brought to you by the letter B and the number 3.


Episode 6 - Big Bird Wishes the Adults Were Kids. Episode 4119

Big Bird wants to play but everyone is busy. His fairy Godperson appears and casts a spell that makes all the adults act like kids. The question is: Will they be this way forever? Also: Sesame Street Dinner Theater presents “Guess What We’re Having for Dinner.” This episode is brought to you by the letter F and the number 17.


Episode 7 - Baby Bear Writes a Story Called "The 3 Astro Bears." Episode 4120

While writing about how porridge tastes in anti-gravity, Baby Bear can’t figure out how to get the porridge down from the ceiling! Who knew the Final Frontier would be so complicated? Also: T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy) appears as “Private I” to investigate the letter of the day. Cookie Monster and Hoots the Owl sing “A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food.” This episode is brought to you by the letter I and the number 20.


Episode 8 - Prairie Dawn's "Healthy Food Pageant." Episode 4122

Zoe is dressed as a potato, Rosita is a tortilla, and Telly is an asparagus stalk… why yes, it’s the Healthy Food Pageant! Now if only Elmo could find his broccoli costume, he could join the fun too! Also: Nathan Lane sings with the Oinker Sisters and Global Grover presents some tasty foods from France. This episode is brought to you by the letter A and the number 13.


Episode 9 - Gina Adopts a Baby, Pt. 1. Episode 4130

Gina is traveling to Guatemala to adopt her new baby, Marco, and everyone on Sesame Street is happily pitching in to help her prepare for her trip! Also: Wayne Brady sings, and Sesame Street Dinner Theater presents: “Veg Side Story.” This episode is brought to you by the letter G and the number 1.


Episode 10 - Gina Adopts a Baby, Pt. 2. Episode 4131

While Gina is away in Guatemala, everyone back on Sesame Street is making preparations for her return with baby Marco. Crib, diapers, baby-proofed apartment—check! Also: Grammy Award winner Jill Scott sings “We Are All Earthlings”; Elmo helps present the Sign Language Moment of the Day: exercise! This episode is brought to you by the letter D and the number 11.


Episode 11 - Gina Adopts a Baby, Pt. 3. Episode 4132

Gina and baby Marco have returned safely to Sesame Street, and Big Bird and Snuffy want to play with the baby. Marco’s too little for baseball or roller skating or pogo stick jumping, so what can they do? Also: Grover stars in “Outrageous Makeover: Home Addition,” and Norah Jones and Elmo sing “Don’t Know Y.” This episode is brought to you by the letter Y and the number 5.


Episode 12 - National Try a New Food Day. Episode 4133

Monster on the Spot reporter Telly presents Try a New Food Day on Sesame Street. Everyone is willing to give things a try, but when Telly is faced with a non-triangular sandwich, the holiday might come to a halt! Also: Wanda the Word Fairy visits the grocery store, and Bert and Ernie sing about their favorite breakfast foods. This episode is brought to you by the letter V and the number 16.


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