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Episode 1 - Sock Chaos At the Laundromat. Episode 4163

It’s laundry day on Sesame Street. When Chris loses a sock, Abby Cadabby tries to help, but her magic “Two Trick” results in more and more mismatched socks. What’s a fairy to do? Plus, Bert and Ernie are pirates who unearth a treasure chest full of socks. Brought to you by the letter K and the number 5.


Episode 2 - Max the Magician. Episode 4166

Join Max the Magician (Will Arnett) as he uses the powers of addition, subtraction, and division to amaze and astound his audience. Also in this episode: Murray and his little lamb Ovejita visit a soccer school. Brought to you by the letter C and the number 4.


Episode 3 - Annual Triangle Toss. Episode 4167

The Triangle Lover’s Club is hosting their annual Triangle Toss! As Telly tosses his first triangle, his lucky vest rips. Can he play without it? Also in this episode: NFL player Jason Taylor and Elmo demonstrate the word “toss” with the help of a cow. Brought to you by the letter J and the number 16.


Episode 4 - Elmo and Zoe's Hat Contest. Episode 4168

“Who Can Wear the Most Hats on Their Head” Day comes but once a year, and Elmo and Zoe are ready for some serious sombrero stacking! Abby Cadabby helps out with magic while The Count counts along. Who will win? Plus: David Beckham teaches Elmo about the word “persistent,” and in “30 Rocks,” Liz Lemon and Jack the Boss count 30 rocks for their show. Brought to you by the letter U and the number 14.


Episode 5 - Big Bird and Snuffy Talent Show. Episode 4171

It’s time for the Sesame Street Talent Show! Big Bird and Snuffy’s talent search turns up a juggling Leela, a very hungry Cookie Monster, and a musical seal. Plus, American Idol’s Randy Jackson plays the glockenspiel with a dog, and Abby Cadabby uses her magic to see what Elmo would look like with pink fur, pigtails, and freckles. Brought to you by the letter P and the number 5.


Episode 6 - Number 6 Games. Episode 4172

It’s Number 6 Day on Sesame Street, and everyone joins in the day’s 6-themed events. When only five penguins show up for the big finale, can Telly save the show? Also in this episode: Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy) and Murray Monster demonstrate the word “half,” and LL Cool J and Elmo sing about their “Addition Expedition.” Brought to you by the letter Q and the number 6.


Episode 7 - Big Bird's Nest Sale. Episode 4174

When Snuffy helps Big Bird sell old toys at his Nest Sale, he accidentally sells Big Bird’s favorite teddy bear, Radar. Will Big Bird ever get Radar back? Also in this episode: Neil Patrick Harris and Elmo put on wigs to demonstrate the word “curly.” Brought to you by the letter X and the number 2.


Episode 8 - Abby's First Sleepover. Episode 4177

Abby Cadabby is having a sleepover at Big Bird’s nest, but thanks to rain, Maria and Luis become the sleepover hosts. Can Abby give Maria and Luis the evening of dancing they were hoping for? Also in this episode: Diana Krall sings “Everybody’s Song” with Elmo. Brought to you by the letter D and the number 13.


Episode 9 - Three Cheers for Us. Episode 4178

Zoe, Elmo, and Telly become Sesame Street Cheerleaders! While cheering helps the friends with basketball and even pogo-stick bouncing, it doesn’t help Alan and Gordon play chess. Who can the friends cheer for next? Also in this episode: Murray Monster and his little lamb Ovejita visit a music school! Brought to you by the letter E and the number 3.


Episode 10 - Mine-itis On Sesame Street. Episode 4181

Brian Williams appears to report on a strange news story: The residents of Sesame Street have been struck with a case of Mine-itis, which has caused everyone to stop sharing. Only Oscar knows the cure, and he’s enjoying the chaos too much to end it! Also in this episode: Murray Monster and his little lamb Ovejita visit an ice skating school. Brought to you by the letter G and the number 20.


Episode 11 - Maria the Cowgirl. Episode 4183

Big Bird, Elmo, and Abby want to reenact the new “Maria the Cowgirl” story that they heard from Gordon. Who will get to be Maria the Cowgirl? And who will have to be the dastardly Bad Duck? Also in this episode: Global Grover and his trusty horse Fred travel to Saskatchewan. Brought to you by the letter T and the number 1.


Episode 12 - The Help-O-Bots. Episode 4185

After hearing a story about a robot, Elmo, Telly, and Rosita pretend to be robots, too. They call themselves The Help-o-Bots—but can they find a way to help their friends? Also in this episode: Bert and Ernie are inventors, unveiling their latest creation: Frankie the Robot! Brought to you by the letter Y and the number 17.


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