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The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Going Off the Rails

Everyone’s favourite Housewives are back and, as always, there’s never a dull moment in Cheshire. It’s Tanya’s birthday and there’s trouble brewing and rumours flying between the Housewives. Dawn & Magali are at loggerheads over an incident on a train, Tanya has heard on the Cheshire grapevine that Ampika has been bad-mouthing her; meanwhile Lauren & Leanne bond over a luxurious spa treatment.


Episode 2 - Girls On Film

Magali takes a newly single Ampika on a makeover shopping trip, Tanya gets to the bottom of those cheating rumours and at the girls’ summer barbecue. Lauren is outraged to hear that Leanne videoed Magali’s outburst on the train.


Episode 3 - You’ll Never Be Me

Magali confronts Leanne about the train video and Ampika gets an un-‘ex’-pected visitor. Lauren indulges in some fat freezing and there’s trouble brewing at the Cheshire Polo Match, with the Housewives divided and a huge showdown between Dawn and Magali.


Episode 4 - 20 Years and Counting

Leanne hosts a very Cheshire christening for her daughters Lilia and Lola, with Dawn and Tanya as godmothers. Magali spends some family time with Dean as they visit their footballing son Kenji in Swansea, while Lauren and Ampika judge a local dog show. Plus Tanya attempts to heal the rift in the group by inviting the girls on a night out, and Ashley has a romantic surprise for Dawn to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary


Episode 5 - Karma Is a Bitch

Dawn and Ashley watch daughter Darby compete in Cheshire’s prestigious Bolesworth International Equestrian Event. Leanne & Tanya jet off to Portugal and are in for a surprise meeting on the beach. Plus there’s plenty of drama back in Cheshire as Magali and Ampika star in a magazine photo shoot, before Dawn and Magali come face to face in an attempt to clear the air once and for all...


Episode 6 - Ladies Who Lunch

Tanya plans a charity calendar and Dawn hosts a glamourous lunch to reunite all the Housewives. Dean has a romantic proposal for Magali and Lauren plays matchmaker for Ampika. Magali announces her exciting news to the group, and gets some very mixed reactions...


Episode 7 - Calendar Girls

Magali heads to London to find the wedding dress of her dreams, while Lauren and Tanya indulge in some 24 carat gold facial acupuncture. Sparks fly on the set of Tanya’s charity calendar photoshoot as Ampika clashes with some old adversaries.


Episode 8 - Uninvited

The Housewives attend Leanne’s teen fashion launch. Lauren sets Ampika up on a blind date that doesn’t’ quite go to plan, and at Tanya’s Charity calendar launch Dawn discovers that she isn’t invited to Magali’s big day - so will any of the girls be going?


Episode 9 - I Do, I Do, I Do

It’s Magali’s big day as she prepares to renew her wedding vows with Dean, but as some people are not invited will any of the Housewives turn up to the event? And the arrival of an unexpected gift starts tongues wagging…


Episode 10 - The Masks Are Off

Ampika hosts a glamourous Masquerade Ball to celebrate her birthday but the night doesn’t go to plan, with plenty of explosive drama kicking off amongst all the Housewives.


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