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The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - All Change in Cheshire

Cheshire’s most glamorous Housewives are back for a Brand New Series. Tanya has some very exciting news to tell the girls, Lauren has a heart to heart with Ampika, and Leanne and Dawn’s friendship feels the strain after too many champagnes. But things really hot up when three new Housewives arrive. Expect a heady cocktail of high fashion, big laughs and low blows.


Episode 2 - A ‘Currant’ Affair

After causing quite a stir in Cheshire, Missé is shocked to hear the comments Dawn made about her. Lauren opens up to Ampika about her marriage and Leanne pushes Dawn for an apology. Stacey hosts a glamorous dinner party for all the Housewives. Will everyone get along or will someone be eating humble pie by the end of the night...?


Episode 3 - Divas Dancing

There are tears, tantrums and frayed tempers in Cheshire. Lauren heads off on holiday without Paul, as Ampika’s feelings for her ex grow stronger. Tanya turns to pregnancy yoga while the other girls get their groove on at a diva dance class. Dawn attempts to clear the air with Missé but comes to blows with bestie Leanne on a night out with the girls...


Episode 4 - Shaken and Stirred

The fallout from Dawn and Leanne’s row continues with Dawn and Tanya questioning Leanne’s motives. Missé throws a glamorous cocktail party where Seema has a surprise for some of the girls, but not others. And the battle for the Queen Bee crown heats up as Dawn and Stacey go head to head.


Episode 5 - Fabulous At 40

Leanne hosts a glamorous Studio 54 birthday party where Ampika’s lack of outfit really turns heads and gets tongues wagging. Lauren kick starts her career and newly found independence, but has a huge bombshell to drop at the end of the night.


Episode 6 - A Cheshire Girl in Paris

Seema takes her latest collection to Paris Fashion Week with Tanya, Missé and Stacey, who all say ‘oh la la’ when a couple of unexpected guests crash the fashion show. Missé’s mistrust of Ampika comes to a head with an almighty row, and back in Cheshire Lauren seeks guidance from her psychic about her marriage troubles. Meanwhile Dawn is convinced that Ampika is plotting to turn best friend Leanne against her.


Episode 7 - Going In-Seine

The girls take Paris by storm, with Missé and Ampika attempting to move on after their clash at Seema’s Paris fashion show, but will it last? Stacey owns up to having a wild past and Ampika expresses her true feelings for ex-husband Mark at a very emotional dinner in the Seine. Back in Cheshire Lauren gets naked for a portrait painting session and Dawn spends some quality time with her girls.


Episode 8 - Five Month Scan

The Housewives are back in Cheshire after their whirlwind tour of Paris. Tanya has a scan to find out the sex of her baby and reveals the news to the ladies in typical Bardsley style. Dawn clashes with Leanne for going away without her, and Stacey hosts a glamourous society event with a surprise for Ampika, which causes a rift amongst the new Housewives.


Episode 9 - Ready for Battle

The Cheshire set is split! The gloves are off and battle is about to commence. Ampika has driven a wedge between Dawn and Leanne, Stacey is furious with Missé after the makeover disaster and everything comes to a head when Tanya storms out of Ampika’s glamorous shampoo launch.


Episode 10 - Point of No Return

On the eve of Taylor Ward’s 18th birthday party there’s trouble brewing in Cheshire. Can the cracks in the group be mended? Will Dawn and Leanne’s friendship survive? It all comes to a head as Dawn and Ampika come face to face for a dramatic final showdown.


Episode 11 - The Reunion

Brian Dowling hosts an explosive Reunion with our eight Housewives to relive some of the most talked about stories of the series. Which feuds are ongoing? What do the Housewives really think of each other, and what happened when the cameras stopped rolling? Expect tears, tantrums and lots of drama.


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