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The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Czech Her Out

The Real Housewives of Cheshire are back for a brand new series with new business ventures, new friendships and a brand new girl in town. How will she cope entering the lion's den? The manicured nails are sharpened and ready as old feuds and bitter ivalries are reignited. Expect drama, glamour, tears and plenty of laughs. Let the battle of the botoxed beauties commence.


Episode 2 - Social Friends

All is not cheery in Cheshire as tension grows between Leanne and Dawn. Seema and Stacey invite all the girls, including special guest housewife Missé, to a sophisticated celebration for their new business venture. But the night ends in high drama, tears and smashed champagne glasses.


Episode 3 - The Elephant in the Room

Dawn is shocked at Leanne's recent outburst. Lauren shoots a glamorous commercial for her perfume and Stacey reveals her latest art exhibit. Meanwhile there's major drama as the Housewives gather for dinner, with tension brewing around the table and nsults flying between Missé and Ampika.


Episode 4 - Read All About It

The dinner party drama continues. Dawn and Leanne's feud hits the headlines, but who leaked the story to the papers? Tanya is summoned to a meeting with Dawn, and there's a surprise in store for the girls and talk of wedding bells at Warford Hall...


Episode 5 - Every Dog Has Its Day

Lauren has some friendly advice for Dawn. Ampika takes Ester for a very awkward spa day. Sam Reece makes a surprise appearance at Seema's work and Leanne hosts a four-legged charity event - but will everyone be welcome?


Episode 6 - Dubai Bound

The Housewives jet off to Dubai - but will they have a relaxing break away from the dramas in Cheshire or will there be tears, tantrums and big surprises in the sunshine?


Episode 7 - There's Something About Ester

The Housewives' glamorous trip to Dubai continues. Stacey celebrates her birthday in style, and tongues start wagging about Ester's strange behaviour.


Episode 8 - Nice day for a Gay Wedding

It's Nick and Royston's big day as they renew their vows at Warford Hall, but will everyone attend? And Ester comes clean about her secret double life with some big revelations to the Housewives...


Episode 9 - The Smiling Assassins

The Housewives gather for Leanne's swimwear launch, there's fallout from Ester's big revelation and Dawn is on the warpath with Lauren...


Episode 10 - A Midsummer Night's Mare

Tanya hosts a glamorous midsummer party to celebrate the launch of her new boutique, but it's anything but positive as Ester falls out with Ampika, Seema and Stacey, and the night culminates in a spectacular showdown between Leanne and Dawn...


Episode 11 - At Home with The Real Housewives of Cheshire

Brian Dowling gets an exclusive access all areas tour and meets The Real Housewives of Cheshire in their homes to unearth the secrets of the series and find out what really goes on behind the closed doors of TV's most glamorous and explosive show.


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