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The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Surprise, Surprise

The Real Housewives of Cheshire are back and a surprise birthday party brings all the girls together again. Will Stacey and Tanya resolve their differences elegantly? Have Ester and Nermina truly moved on after their moment of madness? Meanwhile Tanya considers the implications of having another baby whilst Rachel contemplates Cheshire's latest fashion accessory - a mid-life crisis!


Episode 2 - Please Speak Clearly After the Tone

An unexpected phone call from Stacey and Seema turns Ester's world upside down. Meanwhile Lauren's facelift breaks the 'no strings attached' rule, Tanya goes to war at an explosive dinner party and Rachel's twin sister Katie arrives with some devastating news.


Episode 3 - Don't Play It Again, Sister

After the explosive discovery of Seema and Stacey's voicemail, battle lines are being drawn. Tanya and Ester try to build bridges whilst Rachel risks blowing them up when she takes Dawn to task. Tanya takes Project Baby Girl to the next level, but can she convince Phil to get on board? And as the ladies experience hot Latin dancing and gay bars, Stacey and Tanya try to put their disagreements to bed.


Episode 4 - Close Encounters

While Dawn calls on Nermina for some catwalk tips, Lauren uses her perfume range to reveal her new face and Rachel has an uncomfortable surprise in store for John. And at a spooky psychic night Ester hears a shocking secret which spells trouble for all the girls.


Episode 5 - Days of Decadence

It's time for the Ward girls to strut their stuff at London Fashion Week under the proud eyes of Nermina and Dawn. Rachel holds her twin Katie's hand as she faces her toughest day yet. There's a new face around Cheshire which gets Ester very excited. And Nick and Royston throw one of the most opulent parties Cheshire has ever seen.


Episode 6 - The Girl Who Got It All

Tanya celebrates a department store launch, while Seema plans a celebration of her own. Rachel tries to heal the group's differences, leading to a confrontation with an emboldened Nermina.


Episode 7 - Brides and a Groom

It's a hen party for Seema to remember as she takes the girls to Marrakech. Nermina ruffles feathers at Lauren's birthday party and Tanya might live to regret her decision to make the girls wear their wedding dresses for Seema's hen do.


Episode 8 - The Bride's Bouquet

There's more fun and frolics in Marrakech as Seema and Sandeep celebrate 25 years of marriage, but the day doesn't go without a hitch. Lauren's trip takes another turn for the worse, and Dawn finds herself in the thick of it. Having just arrived, Christine even finds herself in hot water with Stacey.


Episode 9 - Recipe for Disaster

In the aftermath of Marrakech, Seema is still reeling from Lauren and Dawn's walk out from her wedding party. While Lauren is adamant that Seema is not understanding her situation, Dawn decides to make amends. It's mixed emotions for Tanya as Gabby hits her 16th birthday and Nermina vows to speak her mind to Lauren at Stacey's tasting launch for her new cookbook.


Episode 10 - Love, Pride and Prejudice

It's all systems GAY for Dawn as she hosts Warford Hall's very own Pride Festival. There are feathers, rainbows and high drama as Stacey and Seema accuse Ester of stirring the social media trolls up. Rachel and Lauren battle confrontations and cake in between bouncy castle rides; and Tanya takes a leaf out of Gwyneth Paltrow's book with a steam clean where the sun doesn't shine. It's just another week in Cheshire for our glamorous Housewives.


Episode 11 - The Reunion

The Housewives are back for their most explosive Reunion yet. Get ready for fireworks as Brian Dowling bravely gets all the gossip from the glamorous ladies. From wedding tears to memorial giggles and the most awkward voicemail ever caught on camera - how did the Housewives cope?


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