Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Justice for Jane Doe

When the body of a murdered young woman is found floating in the Gulf of Mexico, detectives spend years trying to identify her remains. But then a family stumbles across her description, leading to a 30 year old murder mystery that demands justice.


Episode 2 - Murder in the Applegate

Hard-working family man Chris MacCallum disappears while on a camping trip deep in the forest along the border of California and Oregon. And when detectives start to unravel the mystery, all roads lead to an unthinkable suspect...


Episode 3 - The Deadly Deceiver

In Silicon Valley, young mother Reina Swierski is reported missing not by her husband Gary, but by her lover Ted. The search to find her goes on for years, eventually unmasking a violent and deadly predator.


Episode 4 - See Something, Say Something

When the murdered body of Miami pediatric nurse Beverly Jackson is discovered under the most shocking of circumstances, her family is devastated. In the end, it takes the bravery of one young witness to finally crack the case.


Episode 5 - The House on Q Street

When 91-year-old Washington VIP Viola Drath is found dead on her bathroom floor in her tony Georgetown townhouse, it appears she's simply the victim of a nasty fall. But the subsequent investigation into her death unravels a lifetime of violent secrets.


Episode 6 - Harvesting Murder

Police discover a woman shot dead in a Catskills vacation house, just before it goes up in flames. The terrible conflagration masks even more terrible secrets, three deaths and a mystery that spans years - in this stranger-than-fiction tale.


Episode 7 - Fool's Gold

When the nearly naked corpse of an older man is found along a horse path in Westchester, no one seems to know who he is. But after unraveling his identity, detectives are led on a four-state investigation -and learn his murder was based on a mistake.


Episode 8 - Foster Fiction

When a 3-year-old child goes missing from a Cincinnati Park, the community mobilizes in a massive hunt. But before long, detectives realize that not all is as it seems to be and uncover a terrible secret.


Episode 9 - Fit to Kill

When beautiful fitness-fanatic Donna Zinetti is discovered brutally stabbed to death on a jogging path, detectives immediately suspect her recently-estranged husband, Keith Longtin. But not everything is as it appears.


Episode 10 - Bones of Contention

When Chicago detectives launch a program to identify the remains of eight victims of an infamous serial killer, they find themselves unexpectedly solving a 35-year-old homicide.


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