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Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Vanishing On I-95

A woman driving solo to visit a friend on Florida's I-95 mysteriously vanishes. Her divorce leads police one way, but when her body is found it suggests something horribly different. Another woman who reads about the case has a hunch she knows the killer.


Episode 2 - Dancing with the Devil

A missing cheerleader. A seemingly unrelated roadside fire. As two cases converge, police juggle numerous suspects and motives, until a cryptic surveillance video brings the investigation to a shocking conclusion of betrayal, devotion, and murder.


Episode 3 - New Mexico Desert Killings

When a young woman vanishes from a New Mexico convenience store, two detectives discover tracks in the dirt that may lead them to answers. After a second woman disappears, it's a race against time to stop a potential serial killer.


Episode 4 - The Jersey Devil

16 year-old Brittney Gregory is a star student in Brick Township, New Jersey. When she vanishes one night in 2004, local police begin a search that leads them into a world of dark secrets and dangerous players as they work to solve her disappearance.


Episode 5 - Shot in the Dark

Twenty eight-year-old army veteran and beloved father of three, Joey Fulgham, is shot dead in his bed in May 2003. With so many suspects Joey's wife, her jealous boyfriend, and even her protective teenage brother police have a lot of ground to cover.


Episode 6 - The Sherrif's Son

When an Arkansas outdoorsman disappears, authorities wade through a series of accusations and rumors in their hunt for the missing man. As they zero in on a suspect and the body count rises, detectives rush to capture the killer before it's too late.


Episode 7 - Driven to Murder

In October 2016, after helping a friend fix his computer, 18-year-old tech prodigy, Sam Poss, takes off on foot and never returns home. Did the beloved teen run away? Was there an accident? Police work around the clock to find the truth.


Episode 8 - Innocence Lost

In July of 2006, 22 year-old Tori Vienneau and her 10 month-old son, Dean, are both found strangled in their home. As San Diego Police delve into Tori's life, they uncover a complicated romance, a startling revelation, and evidence to make an arrest.


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