Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Alibis or Accomplices

After he clashes with co-workers, Tom Monfils mysteriously disappears on the job at a Green Bay paper mill. Soon enough it looks like murder, but no one is talking to detectives. Is it a conspiracy of silence, or a tragic miscarriage of justice?


Episode 2 - Taunting Evil

A mother of four goes missing before testifying against her abusive boyfriend.


Episode 3 - Young Mom Missing

A young mother from Austin, Texas suddenly drops out of contact. Police believe she may be taking a break somewhere, possibly with a new man. But Julie's family fears the worst.


Episode 4 - If I Can't Have You

A talented graduate student is nursing a broken heart, when she's swept off her feet by someone new. But as their relationship progresses, revelations make it clear nothing is quite what it appears to be.


Episode 5 - The AM Rapist

In Phoenix, a wave of late night sexual assaults appear to be the work of a serial rapist, who targets women in their own homes while they sleep.


Episode 6 - Ghost of Great Falls

In 1995 three members of a wealthy Taiwanese family living in Virginia disappear. Rumor has it they died overseas but when detectives investigate, they find answers closer to home.


Episode 7 - Checks and Balances

A prominent psychiatrist and his adult son are killed execution style. When police can't find a suspect, the case goes cold. But when an attempted armored car robbery provides an odd link to the double homicide months later, a motive is revealed.


Episode 8 - We've Got Your Daughter

When Jamey Walker, a young woman with a bright future is kidnapped and murdered in the spring of 1981, her mother Eleanor dedicates the rest of her life to finding the killer in hopes of finding justice for Jamey.


Episode 9 - Missing Blue Eyes

When 12 year-old Courtney LeBlanc is kidnapped from her home, her family fears she's fallen prey to a serial killer terrorizing the community. Local investigators enlist the help of the FBI and their search reveals a predator hiding in plain sight.


Episode 10 - Tattooed in Memory

Kidnapped just steps from her home, a 15-year-old girl is brutally assaulted and left for dead in Denver's South Platte River.


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