Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Gulf Coast Vanishing

In Southwest Florida, Terrance Williams, a young father, disappears. As his mother retraces his steps she uncovers something ominous: the last known person to see Terrance alive has a strange and disturbing connection to another missing man.


Episode 2 - Home Alone

Life is good for 12 year-old Garrett Phillips, until he's brutally attacked while home alone. His killer jumps unseen from a window and investigators are left with a vexing mystery that rattles the otherwise peaceful village of Potsdam, New York.


Episode 3 - The Painted Paramedic

When a paramedic and mother is found dead and covered in paint in the basement of her Massachusetts home, investigators must work tirelessly for 18 months to find the person responsible.


Episode 4 - It Could Have Been Me

Two teenage girls fall for men who seem to care about them. Instead, the girls are lured into human trafficking and coerced into prostitution.


Episode 5 - Wife's Double Life

When a young husband is thrown in jail for the murder of his newlywed wife, most people in their small Oklahoma community believed the case was solved. But odd cell tower records and surprising DNA evidence force investigators to take a second look.


Episode 6 - Code of Silence

In St. Petersburg, Florida, Cabretti Wheeler and his friend Kyle Ellis are killed.  When the only eye-witness vanishes, it's up to Cabretti's mom, Lisa Wheeler, to help police solve the case, even if it means risking her own life for justice.


Episode 7 - Speaking from the Grave

Margaret Purk is just days away from having her first baby when, after an apparent suicide by hanging, she and her unborn son are dead. Twenty-four years later, new clues lead investigators to re-open the case. Was this suicide actually a homicide?


Episode 8 - The Vanishing Clerk

On an Easter Sunday, 18-year-old Heidi Allen vanishes from her convenience store job. Two brothers are arrested for the kidnapping, but only one is convicted. Years later, a chilling new story emerges implicating three other men in the crime.


Episode 9 - Eyes Like Daddy

A small town is left on edge when a young mother is murdered inside her home. An early arrest and later, a surprising confession, point to a dark conspiracy and leads investigators to someone many people thought they knew.


Episode 10 - SoCal Sting

When a California mother of two is stabbed to death in her bedroom, police can't find any incriminating evidence. The case goes cold for years until a new detective uncovers a tiny clue that leads to an undercover sting to catch the killer.


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