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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Irish Stout, Silk, Canned Soup

How do they make classic irish stout? How do silkworms make gunpowder bags & clothes? How do they can soup?


Episode 1 - Parmesan, Runways, Reclining Chairs

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Parmesan, Runways, Reclining Chairs.


Episode 1 - Tweed, Turntables and Hakarl

Scottish manufacturers use pedal power to weave a high-demand fabric for catwalks throughout the world, an Italian company leads the turnaround of the turntable and an Icelandic delicacy has a fishy tale to becoming edible.


Episode 2 - Hats, Folding Bicycle and Skyr

An Italian manufacturer makes a hat with enough flair for Hollywood's biggest stars, a low-fat, Icelandic dairy dish is set on conquering the world and a British company is engineering the ultimate commuter companion.


Episode 2 - Peanut Butter, Breaking Points

How do they harvest, roast, and turn peanuts into peanut butter? How do they test every device in our homes?


Episode 2 - Carpets, Skiis, Niagra Power

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Carpets, Skiis, Niagara Power.


Episode 3 - Nori, Beer Bottles, Shark Deterrents

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Nori, Beer Bottles, Shark Deterrents.


Episode 3 - Airport and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Air traffic controllers must manage a beach airport that is flooded twice a day, cutting-edge technology brings a centuries-old processed food to local delis and Bavaria's unofficial national costume helps keep ancient crafts alive.


Episode 3 - Fire Extinguisher, Cruise Liner

How do phosphates put out fires? How do they refuel and resupply a cruise liner?


Episode 4 - Lobster Fishing and Sofas

Fishermen transport lobster from the ocean floor to fine dining restaurants in just a few hours, craftsman follow a three-hundred-year-old design when hand crafting couches and cutting-edge camera lenses are capable of seeing more than the human eye.


Episode 4 - Diggers, Thai Sauce, Willis Tower Skydeck

How do they operate the world's most versatile constuction machines? The journey from beans to sauce. How do they maintain the Willis Tower Skydeck?


Episode 4 - Brass, Ice Patrol, Penjing

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Brass, Ice Patrol, Penjing.


Episode 5 - Racing Bikes, Stunt Pilots, Oil Well

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Racing Bikes, Stunt Pilots, Oil Well.


Episode 5 - Beds, Space Freighters

Humble horsehair is turned into a bed fit for royalty, a 20-million-dollar, space-faring picnic basket keeps astronauts fed and watered for months at a time and subterranean salad is grown in a World War II bomb shelter below London's busy streets.


Episode 5 - Monument Marble, Tabasco, Umbrellas

How do they mine marble for Washington's monuments? How do they make Tabasco? How do they craft storm proof umbrellas?


Episode 6 - Bagels, Racing Tires, Liuli Glass

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Bagels, Racing Tires, Liuli Glass.


Episode 6 - Parchment, Shuttlecock, Salt

Histories greatest moments are preserved for all time on skin, the fastest moving object in the world of sports takes flight and Vikings harness the explosive power of volcanoes to make gourmet salt.


Episode 6 - Sponges, Cabbie Knowledge

How do they dive for sponges? How do cabbies know their way?


Episode 7 - Venice Trash, Sheepskin Boots, Chlorella

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Venice Trash, Sheepskin Boots, Chlorella.


Episode 7 - Weather Factory and Gloves

One of the world's most-advanced weather-testing facilities subjects cars to all the elements, handmade baseball gloves make the difference between a broken finger and a high-speed catch and traditional Christmas puddings light up holidays tables.


Episode 7 - Money Movers, Big Game Fish, Bagpipes

How do they move cash safely and securely? How do they land big game fish? How do bagpipes make music?


Episode 8 - Turkish Delight, Silver, Sunscreen

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Turkish Delight, Silver, Sunscreen.


Episode 8 - Newspapers, Socks and Juice

Manufacturers reveal the secrets behind how the world's biggest newspaper delivers over 80-million copies a day, how the modern sock is crafted to perfection and how ten-thousand tons of blackcurrants are turned into a famous, fruity drink.


Episode 8 - Whiskey, Disaster Prevention

How do they turn water into whisky? How do they prepare for/ prevent another Katrina?


Episode 9 - Guitars, Caviar and Racing

Manufacturers give a behind-the-scenes look at the chart-topping, six-string star of rock and roll, the motorsports secrets to racing around the clock with a road car turned endurance racer and the popular seafood spread made from cod roe.


Episode 9 - Crash Testing, Books, Margarine

How do cars protect you in a crash? How do they print a blockbuster? How does oil become spread?


Episode 9 - Canvas, Stinky Tofu, Bottle Recycling

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Canvas, Stinky Tofu, Bottle Recycling.


Episode 10 - Ballpoint Pen, Ration and Mat

The wizardry behind the push-button ballpoint pen saves millions of shirts from annoying ink stains, soldiers get their pizza fix deep behind enemy lines and a bunch of rivers weeds are transformed into hefty, must-have rugs.


Episode 10 - Six Shooters, Airplane Tires, Artificial Turf

How do they fire the fastest gun in the west? How do airplane tires grip? How do they lay artificial turf?


Episode 10 - Beekeeping, Trikes, Body Armour

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Beekeeping, Trikes, Body Armour.


Episode 11 - Money, Shoes

How do they design and print banknotes? How do they turn hides into brogues?


Episode 11 - Heat Proof Glass, ATMs, Pagani

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Heat Proof Glass, ATMs, Pagani.


Episode 12 - Sugar, Fish Farming, Speed Suits

How do they turn cane into sugar? How do they farm fish? How do they make a suit in a day?


Episode 12 - Acquavit, Motorcycle Leathers, Cathedral

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Aquavit, Motocycle Leathers, Cathedral.


Episode 13 - Dock Cranes, Plastic Bags, Baubles

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Dock Cranes, Plastic Bags, Baubles.


Episode 13 - Car Batteries, Chocolate, Toothbrushes

How do they turn sulphuric acid and lead into 100 million car batteries? How do they turn beans into bars of chocolate? How do toothbrushes clean our teeth?


Episode 14 - Balsamic Vinegar, Drysuits, Stunte Plane

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Balsamic Vinegar, Drysuits, Stunte Plane.


Episode 14 - Eiffel Tower, Snowboards

How do they maintain the Eiffel Tower? How do they design and build the ultimate boards?


Episode 15 - Steel, Wool, Kiteboards

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Steel, Wool, Kiteboards.


Episode 15 - Decaf Coffee, Smoked Food, Waterjets

How do they turn beans into decaff coffee? How do they smoke fish? How do they use water to power ships?


Episode 16 - Blaze Cops, Oaked Wine

How do they tell how fires start? How do oak trees make wine?


Episode 16 - Mattresses, Aircraft Seats, Bras

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Mattresses, Aircraft Seats, Bras.


Episode 17 - Super Mowers, Price of Bread, Coconut Water

How do they build the world's fastest lawnmower? How do they set the price of bread? How do coconuts clean water?


Episode 17 - Plaster, Awards, Special Forces Plane

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Plaster, Awards, Special Forces Plane.


Episode 18 - Car Windows, Lipstick, Sheep Shears

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Car Windows, Lipstick, Sheep Shears.


Episode 18 - Underground Mine, Shotguns

How do they mine lead? How do they make and test shotguns?


Episode 19 - Off-roader, Western Saddles, Flour & Cakes

How do they build the world's most famous go anywhere car? How do cowboys stay on a bronco? How do they turn wheat into flour and cakes?


Episode 19 - Applejack, Aircraft Seat Test, Batteries

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Applejack, Aircraft Seat Test, Batteries.


Episode 20 - Nickel, Locks, Bubble Tea

On this episode of How Do They Do It: Nickel, Locks, Bubble Tea.


Episode 20 - UPS & Matches

How do they turn trees into matches? How does UPS get a package to your door in 24 hours?


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