How Do They Do It? Season 13 Episodes

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Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Peppermint, Tennis Racquets

Discover how peppermint is farmed, which gives chewing gum, ice cream and toothpaste its minty taste. Also, see how tennis rackets are made to serve an ace at over 260 kmh and how sea water is turned into fresh water in Cape Town, South Africa.


Episode 2 - Trombone, Spanish Bota

Three meters of brass tubing is stretched, bent and brazed to make a trombone. Also, see how the traditional Spanish bota is created and how smelly, muddy peat is turned into rejuvenating face cream.


Episode 3 - Surfboards, Satchels

Discover how the world's biggest waves are conquered on nothing more than a few kilos of polyurethane and wood. Also, traditional, old-school satchels are made and Danish cream is turned into one of the world's favorite butters.


Episode 4 - Flying Horses, Chess Sets

See how million dollar horses are flown around the world. Also, chess sets are hand-carved in India and food photographers create mouth-watering images.


Episode 5 - Stainless Steel, Safe Locks

Self-healing stainless steel is produced at one of the world's largest steel mills. Also, cash is kept safe with uncrackable locks and the traditional Indian sugar, jaggery, is made to use in Ayurvedic medicine.


Episode 7 - Bufori Cars, Sports Whistles

One of the world's most exclusive luxury cars is built from carbon fiber and bullet-proof Kevlar. Also, see how referees' whistles are made and how the smoky flavor goes into Spanish paprika.


Episode 8 - Pile Drivers, Cricket Bats

Discover how foundations are driven hundred of meters into the ground. Also, see how English willow is turned into cricket bats for India's top players and how beautiful Spanish fans are handcrafted.


Episode 9 - Tractors, Cowbells

See how a tractor is built every three minutes in order to power Indian agriculture. Also, bronze bells are cast to help Swiss farmers keep track of their cows and discover how streets are lit to make roads safer.


Episode 10 - Bird's Nest Soup, Rowing Oars

See how millions of real nests are collected to make bird's nest soup. Also, aerospace technology makes rowers go faster and see how Spanish flamenco castanets are created.


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