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How Do They Do It? Season 14 Episodes

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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Turbochargers, Plastic Roads

The power of the world's biggest engines are quadrupled with turbochargers. Also, new roads are built from old plastic waste and see how one particular style of kite has become the national symbol of Malaysia.


Episode 2 - Sails, Ceremonial Swords

Discover how wind is harnessed to power a racing yacht to Olympic gold. The world's largest sword factory produces weapons fit for British officers and car seats are built to save children's lives.


Episode 3 - Guitar Amplifier, Clay Pots

Discover how the famous Marshall guitar amplifier is produced for generations of rock legends. Also, wet clay is turned into frost-proof garden pots and see how the look and value of rare books are restored.


Episode 4 - Petronas Window Cleaners

The Petronas Towers are the world's tallest twin towers and one of the biggest window cleaning challenges in the world. Also, see how jigsaw puzzle pieces are made to be unique and how Olympic field hockey sticks are crafted from fiberglass and Kevlar.


Episode 5 - RVs, Chupa Chups

Discover how all the features of a luxury apartment are fit into a $500,000 motorhome. Also, see how billions of the world's most popular lollipop are produced and how a ballet shoe can take the weight of a dancer on tiptoes.


Episode 6 - Mushrooms, Maps

Nearly 200,000 tons of mushrooms are grown every year in the mushroom capital of the world. Also, every millimeter of the UK is mapped at the world's oldest national mapping agency and see how gloves are made that save millions of lives.


Episode 7 - Fertilizer, Maple Syrup

See how a million tons of fertilizer is mined from a thousand meters below the sea. Also discover how 60 million liters of sweet and sticky maple syrup is produced and how colorful clothes are hand printed using the ancient art of batik.


Episode 8 - Basmati Rice, Mechanical Birds

Discover how thousands of tons of basmati rice is turned into millions of microwaveable meals. Also, beautiful mechanical singing birds are crafted from feathers, rubies and steel, and see how British guards are fitted out for an annual ceremony.


Episode 9 - Hearing Aids, Trains

Hearing aids are produced that are nearly invisible and connect wirelessly to phones, TVs and stereos. Also, see how trains are built for London's new underground railway and how actors are crafted for one of the world's oldest art forms, shadow puppetry.


Episode 10 - Remotely Operated Vehicles

See how remotely operated underwater vehicles are built for jobs too dangerous for human divers. Also, see how the world's most cuddly and collectable teddy bears are produced and how India's favorite cheese is made.


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