How Do They Do It? Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Eider Down and Digestives

Engineers look at Pisa's gravity-defying tower that has been tipping for 800 years, a lucky duck is unharmed while its down is used in the world's most-expensive duvets and a factory reveals the gastronomic genius behind a favorite teatime accompaniment.


Episode 2 - Violins and Milk Deliveries

Craftsmen reveal the three-hundred-year-old secret to hand making violins, millions of bottles of milk are delivered from farm to front door in under 48 hours and a rock born of Icelandic flame is bringing fire to homes throughout the world.


Episode 3 - Super Yachts and Space Suits

A Dutch company reveals their two-year process for building super yachts, astronauts are protected from the most-hostile environment known to man with space suits and a skilled Japanese chef creates a delicacy out of year-old, moldy fish.


Episode 4 - Raisins, Washi Paper, Showers

A family business in California grows grapes and raises raisins on a grand scale, German engineers create the next generation of high-tech showers and traditional Japanese paper continues to be made using centuries-old traditions.


Episode 5 - Charcoal, Soba, Vaulting Poles

A company in South Africa turns up the heat by making charcoal the old-fashioned way, a Japanese factory cooks up oodles of noodles and Texas tech wizards design record-breaking gear for pole vaulters.


Episode 6 - Pearls, Damascus Steel Knives

Tennessee trailblazers harvest freshwater pearls from the deep, blacksmiths unlock the ancient secrets of the blade the struck fear into the hearts of crusading knights and an ingenious water-transporting device is transforming life in Africa.


Episode 7 - Sugar Beets, Feather Dusters

A knobby vegetable works to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth, the world's biggest bird helps battle dust with amazing dirt-sucking science and natural rubber is turned into balloons to get the party popping.


Episode 8 - Pencils, Licorice and Lace

The carpenter's pencil makes a mark in the building trade, an herbaceous plant is turned into a dark and sweet candy and traditional techniques are used to create delicate lace for high-end fashion.


Episode 9 - Platinum, Manga and Limoncello

Manufacturers reveal the explosive secrets in producing one of the world's most-valuable metals, the artistry behind Japan's manga phenomenon and the centuries-old techniques for making sweet and sharp limoncello.


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