Killjoys Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Boondoggie

Dutch and D'avin, with the help of an obnoxious black market dealer, are on the hunt for a weapon that will draw out the Hullen; Johnny receives an SOS from Clara, leading him into the underground world of Hackmods.


Episode 2 - A Skinner, Darkly

Dutch and D'avin attempt to train a replacement nerd; John finds his search for Clara is getting under some people's skin.


Episode 3 - The Hullen Have Eyes

The Killjoys trace the last coordinates of a Black Root ship to a radiation scorched planet, finding an abandoned Hullen training camp, creepy inhabitants and a surprising connection to their past.


Episode 4 - The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord

An ambush sends Dutch and Johnny on the run for help; D'avin tries to get to the bottom of a Black Warrant.


Episode 5 - Attack the Rack

The Killjoy rebels take drastic measures to clean house with a secret attack against the Rack.


Episode 6 - Necropolis Now

As Johnny faces off with someone from his past, Dutch faces her own personal hell.


Episode 7 - The Wolf You Feed

Desperate for an advantage, Dutch goes AWOL and risks a dangerous procedure that connects her to Aneela's memories.


Episode 8 - Heist, Heist Baby

As the Killjoys plan a theft on an armored convoy, Aneela finds herself on a desperate search for Delle Seyah.


Episode 9 - Reckoning Ball

Johnny confronts his nemesis face to face when Delle Seyah suddenly arrives to set terms of war via parley.


Episode 10 - Wargasm

The Killjoy militia has everything they need to go to war, but as the battle begins, Aneela changes the entire game.


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