Killjoys Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Warrior Princess Bride

Trapped in the mysterious and mind-bending greenspace and on the run from the deadly Lady, Aneela and her father Khlyen struggle to stay one step ahead while keeping a wounded Dutch alive.


Episode 2 - Johnny Dangerously

With criminals chasing an injured Johnny, D'av and Delle Seyah take drastic measures to save him.


Episode 3 - Bro-d Trip

Chased by a murderous posse, the new John tries to manipulate D’avin into helping him find a green plasma pool.


Episode 4 - What to Expect When You're Alien Parasite

Delle Seyah’s impossibly complicated delivery, John on the brink of madness, Dutch, staggered after being trapped in another dimension. Things are not exactly quiet on the good ship Lucy.


Episode 5 - Greening Pains

When D’avin’s newborn son begins to rapidly age, Team Awesome Force kicks into high gear by entering the lawless land of Utopia where they kidnap a highly skilled bio-market dealer in a desperate search for solutions.


Episode 6 - Baby, Face Killer

Team Awesome Force faces off with a relentless, deadly assassin whose arrival is triggered by their examination of the memory Khlyen altered in Dutch’s mind.


Episode 7 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

With D’avin having left, Dutch and John are left to follow the hidden pulsar in Khlyen’s mysterious story that leads them to discover an unexpected past — including the origins of the assassin.


Episode 8 - It Takes a Pillage

Dutch risks her life in order to uncover the secrets of the spore.


Episode 9 - The Kids are Alright?

Team Awesome Force is on a desperate mission to take back the RAC in order to save the children of Westerley who are trapped there.


Episode 10 - Sporemaggedon

Dutch braces herself for a final confrontation in greenspace in an attempt stop The Lady from breaking through into the Quad and the rest of the universe.


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