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90 Day Fiance Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - New Couples, New Journeys

The 90-day journey begins for Justin and Evelin, Brett and Daya, Danielle and Mohammed and Chelsea and Yamir. Each couple will have just 90 days to decide to get married or send their international mate home.


Episode 2 - I'm Home America!

Evelin pushes Justin to introduce her to his family, and Yamir's manager exposes his private life. Then, Mohamed meets Danielle's skeptical son, Daya questions her engagement ring, and new couple Danny and Amy begin their journey.


Episode 3 - Watch You Like a Hawk

Danny misses Amy's first day in America, while Justin shocks relatives with news of his engagement. Meanwhile, Mohamed meets Danielle's family, Daya meets Brett's daughter and Jason and Cassia begin their 90-day journey.


Episode 4 - Touchdown!

Amy confronts Danny about his overbearing family, and Mohamed learns the meaning of "hooking up." Meanwhile, Jason travels to Brazil. Then, Yamir arrives in the US, and Chelsea's parents have many questions about their future.


Episode 5 - Mo' Money, Mo Problems

Danielle's family grows skeptical, and Justin sees his family for the first time since revealing his secret. Then, Cassia fights with Jason about trust, Danny's brother ruins date night and Yamir's move yields devastating news.


Episode 6 - Fears, Family, Future

Justin and Evelin invite Jake and Jen over for dinner, and Daya confronts Brett about Cassidy's behavior. Then, Amy's mom arrives from South Africa, Yamir meets with music producers in Chicago and Jason has a surprise for Cassia.


Episode 7 - I Have To Tell You Something

Jason and Cassia struggle with Jason's work schedule, while Danielle breaks bad news to Mohamed. Then, Evelin bonds with Justin's Mom, Brett's skeptical friend meets Daya, and Danny hopes his conservative parents don't offend Amy.


Episode 8 - Going Once, Going Twice, Gone?

Danny and Amy's families meet, and Cassia breaks down during a fight with Jason. Then, Justin surprises Evelin and his mother, and Mohamed visits a lawyer on his wedding day. Also, Chelsea and Yamir discuss his music career.


Episode 9 - Red Flags

Mohamed hopes he is making the right choice with Danielle, and Danny's brothers pass him the sex torch. Meanwhile, Cassia confronts Jason's skeptical brother, and Brett's mom confronts Brett about Daya the day before the wedding.


Episode 10 - I'm Gonna Go Home

Chelsea panics before the wedding, and Jason and Cassia try to resolve their differences in Vegas. Then, Mohamed goes AWOL on Danielle, Brett has to choose between Daya and his mom and Jason's wedding day is not what he'd planned.


Episode 11 - The Couples Tell All

All six couples will meet for the first time and tell all in a revealing, emotionally charged 90 Day Fiance reunion special. NBC's Erica Hill will moderate as Season 2's couples share where their relationships stand.


Episode 101 - Where Are They Now?

Ten months after tying the knot, three couples from Season 1 are back to share the current status of their relationship. Each pair reminisces on their 90 Day Fiance experience and shares where they are now.


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