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90 Day Fiance Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Departures and Arrivals

Using a unique visa, six new couples embark on the 90-day journey. Their international mates will travel to the US and have 90 days to get married or leave the country. A few couples, however, must wait in limbo for visa approval.


Episode 2 - Welcome to the Family

Loren is nervous for Alexei to meet her parents, and Mark is anxious for Nikki's arrival. Meanwhile, Devar meets Melanie's son, and Josh plans a surprise for Aleksandra's birthday. Also, Kyle and Noon begin their 90-day journey.


Episode 3 - Questions and Answers

Nikki meets Mark's daughter, who is older than she is, and Melanie's sister confronts Devar about his intentions. Meanwhile, Noon is not impressed with Kyle's house, and Loren and Alexei get the final word on Alexei's visa status.


Episode 4 - Full of Surprises

Living together proves tough for Mark and Nikki, and Aleksandra's past shocks Josh's family. Meanwhile, Melanie looks for the perfect ring and meets Devar's mom. Then, Kyle makes a big jump to prove his love to Noon.


Episode 5 - Missing Home

A call home to Alexei's parents leaves Loren in tears, and Josh's plan to cheer Aleksandra up backfires. Then, Nikki wonders if moving to America was the right decision, and Melanie's sisters have tough questions for Devar.


Episode 6 - Lights, Camera, Drama

Mark is uneasy around Nikki during her "monthlies," and Loren pushes Alexei into modeling. Meanwhile, Melanie questions Devar's financial plan, and Aleksandra hopes to feel more accepted by Josh's parents.


Episode 7 - Don't Push Me

Tensions rise with Fernando's mom, and Mark's past causes problems with Nikki. Then, Aleksandra's parents arrive in America and question the Mormon lifestyle. Meanwhile, Noon addresses Kyle's distance from his family.


Episode 8 - Bachelorette Blues

Loren's bachelorette weekend sends Alexei over the edge, and Noon finally meets Kyle's estranged mom. Then, Aleksandra questions if she is too young for marriage, and Nikki eyes an expensive dress in NYC.


Episode 9 - What Do You Know About Love?

Mark asks Nikki to sign a pre-nup, Alexei looks at flights home and Carolina confronts her future mother-in-law. Then, Melanie is emotional before the big day, Josh has wedding night jitters and Kyle hopes his mom will show up.


Episode 10 - This Is It

Nikki must decide if she wants to go through with the wedding, and Loren has last minute worries. Then, Carolina wants acceptance into Fernando's family, and emotion overcomes both Melanie and Devar as they prepare to wed.


Episode 11 - Tell All

All six Season 3 couples meet face-to-face for the first time, sitting down with NBC's Erica Hill for a candid and revealing conversation. The couples share details about their journeys and reveal exciting updates in their lives.


Episode 101 - Where Are They Now: Season 2

Ten months after tying the knot, four couples from Season 2 are back to share the current status of their relationship. Each pair reminisces on their 90 Day Fiance experience and shares where they are now.


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