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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I Want to Kiss You

As the Americans await their fiances' impending arrivals, doubts about the perfect new lives that they've imagined come to light. Friends and families offer a dose of reality with harsh questions about how well they truly know their foreign partners.


Episode 2 - They Don't Know

Tania races to meet Syngin at the airport in time for a special arrival. Anna introduces Mursel to her family and reveals a secret. Emily and Sasha have a tense meeting with his ex-wife, and interview allegations may prevent Juliana from coming to the US.


Episode 3 - What Am I Worth to You?

Anny is frustrated with Robert's promised shopping spree. Tania and Syngin disagree on their future plans. Anna feels Mursel is asking too much from her. Emily goes into labor, but there are complications. Also, meet new couple Mike and Natalie.


Episode 4 - You Don't Forget Your Past

Anna's friends have concerns about Mursel. Tania and Syngin butt heads when they arrive at the shed. Blake and Jasmin's reunion falls flat. Natalie anxiously waits for Mike's arrival. Juliana is a third wheel when she finally meets Michael's ex.


Episode 5 - We Need to Talk

Mike learns of Natalie's past heartbreak. Anna weeps in a wedding dress. Anny has issues with Robert's exes. Emily doubts Sasha's dedication. Jasmin meets Blake's friends. Tania reveals she's leaving for a month. Juliana moves into Michael's new house.


Episode 6 - Premature Departure

Syngin prepares for a month apart from Tania. Anna questions her engagement. Blake and Jasmin's living situation changes suddenly. Leaving Russia brings Sasha to tears. Michael and Juliana get real about their financial future. Angela and Michael return.


Episode 7 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Michael and Juliana discuss a potential prenup. Angela goes wedding gown shopping. Emily and Sasha arrive in the US. Robert and Anny go apartment hunting. Anna gives Mursel an ultimatum before their wedding. Natalie panics about her differences with Mike.


Episode 8 - Judgement Day

Tania and Syngin struggle with communication. Juliana seeks independence. Religion divides Mike and Natalie. Mursel makes an important decision. Jasmin finds it hard to fit in. Anny's birthday gets wild. Angela hears news about Michael's visa.


Episode 9 - I Don't Have a Choice

Anna reveals big news to her family. Angela fights for Michael's visa. Syngin needs more from Tania. Mike has tough questions for Natalie. Betsy grills Sasha. Anny cries while shopping for a wedding dress. Blake's mom attempts to bond with Jasmin.


Episode 10 - Choose Me

Mursel packs his bags for Turkey. Angela arrives in Nigeria. Natalie's reveal leaves Mike devastated. Juliana bonds with Michael's ex. Tania and Syngin's romantic reunion goes south. Blake's friends confront him about Jasmin.


Episode 11 - Blindsided

Blake and Jasmin argue on a night out. Mike returns to Washington. Emily and Betsy shop for a wedding dress. Michael's family confronts Angela about their wedding. Tania's revelation pushes Syngin away. It's Michael and Juliana's wedding day.


Episode 12 - I Do and I Don't Know

Syngin considers going home. Mursel feels he made a mistake. Mike consults a lawyer. Angela rethinks a Nigerian wedding. Jasmin and Blake's families meet. Stephanie makes Anny an offer. Michael and Juliana and Emily and Sasha reach their wedding days.


Episode 13 - Can I Get a Witness

Blake and Jasmin, Anna and Mursel, Robert and Anny, and Tania and Syngin are out of time and must wed. Angela and Michael have a setback. Mike's call to Natalie leaves unanswered questions. Michael talks to his ex-wife, Sarah, about his prenup decision.


Episode 14 - Tell All Part 1

The couples of 90 Day Fiance meet for the first time in a dramatic Tell All showdown in New York City. Host Shaun Robinson gets answers to your burning questions as shocking reveals and juicy details are uncovered from this season.


Episode 15 - Tell All Part 2

The couples of 90 Day Fiance meet for the first time in a dramatic Tell All showdown in New York City. Host Shaun Robinson gets answers to your burning questions as shocking reveals and juicy details are uncovered from this season.


Episode 101 - Most Outrageous Moments

Relive the most-outrageous 90 Day moments as we look back at some of our favorite couples. Through unforgettable arrivals, culture clashes, lies, skeptical family and relationship breakdowns, each couple has fought to find lasting love across the globe.


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