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90 Day Fiance Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Clock is Tickin'

Everyone is on edge as the foreign partners get ready to arrive in the US. The couples face cynical family and stressful visa situations, and one new arrival has her American dreams crushed by a disappointing discovery.


Episode 2 - Young and Restless

Colt heads out to meet Larissa, and Asuelu surprises Kalani. Then, Steven prepares to go to Russia, Ashley heads to Jamaica and Eric is nervous about impressing Leida. Also, Fernanda and Jon have dinner with his friends.


Episode 3 - Rough Landings

Ashley and Jay land in the US, Steven and Olga prepare for their baby and Larissa meets her new roommate. Then, Fernanda has a talk with Jon's friend, Leida's sister questions her future with Eric and Asuelu meets Kalani's dad.


Episode 4 - I Know What You Did

Leida's family arrives in NYC, Ashley's friends throw a party for Jay and Asuelu tells his side of the story. Then, Larissa clashes with Debbie over a decision, Fernanda and Jonathan fight at the club and Olga feels contractions.


Episode 5 - Not What I Thought

Jonathan and Fernanda continue to fight, Colt surprises Larissa and Jay feels uncomfortable at the local market. Then, Kalani and Asuelu move to Utah, Leida questions coming to the US, and Olga has complications while in labor.


Episode 6 - Flirting With Disaster

Olga is upset with Steven's attitude, Leida tells Eric's daughter to move out and Colt and Larissa look at wedding venues. Then, Ashley confronts Jay about his untrustworthy behavior, and Fernanda meets Jonathan's skeptical mom.


Episode 7 - Ready to Run

Colt and Larissa consider moving out, Steven and Olga question their relationship and Fernanda tries to connect with Jon's mom. Also, Ashley and Jay change their wedding plans and Asuelu storms off during an argument.


Episode 8 - No Way Out

Leida kicks Tasha out, Jonathan's past catches up to him and Ashley and Jay worry about their safety. Also, Kalani confronts Asuelu about their issues, Steven and Olga's plans get derailed and Larissa and John have a huge fight.


Episode 9 - Backed Into a Corner

Ashley and Jay elope, Colt and Larissa argue in front of friends and Steven applies for Richie's US passport. Also, Leida meets Eric's ex-wife, Jon upsets Fernanda by staying out late and Kalani and Asuelu get huge news.


Episode 10 - Where Truth Lies

Eric faces his distraught daughters, Steven surprises Olga and Kalani's big news upsets her sister. Then, Fernanda writes Jonathan a shocking letter, Ashley and Jay run away to Vegas and Larissa reconnects with Colt's mom.


Episode 11 - Make It or Break It

Ashley learns Jay's secret, Kalani and Asuelu worry about Kalani's dad, and Eric and Leida have last-minute wedding problems. Then, Steven must leave Russia, Colt and Larissa's 90 days are up and Jonathan and Fernanda say "I do."


Episode 12 - Tell All Part 1

Host Shaun Robinson sits down with the couples and discusses the most-intense moments from this season, gets answers to burning questions and uncovers shocking reveals.


Episode 13 - Tell All Part 2

The couples are together for the shocking conclusion of the Tell All. Colt and Larissa arrive and no one holds back, and an argument leads to cast members walking off set. Then, the cast comments on the Tell All via Skype.


Episode 101 - 90 Day LIVE, Part 1

90 Day Fiance is going live! Join host Michelle Collins as she takes burning social media questions and dishes the dirt with familiar guests, including Angela from Before the 90 Days and Colt's mom, Debbie.


Episode 102 - 90 Day LIVE, Part 2

90 Day Fiance is going live! Join host Michelle Collins as she takes burning social media questions and dishes the dirt with familiar guests, including Molly from Happily Ever After and Jesse from Before the 90 Days.


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