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Ace of Cakes Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Triple Crown Cake

Meet Chef Duff Goldman and the Charm City Cakes team. The upcoming week is a busy one. The staff must crank out 21 decorative cakes including a special cake for one of the biggest horse races in the world.


Episode 2 - Hell Week

Hell week has arrived at Charm City Cakes! It's the busiest week of the summer, as Duff and his team are pushed to the limit with 24 cakes in seven days.


Episode 3 - Wedding Cakes and Headaches

Cakes include a massive wedding cake with 300 eight-layer cookies, a cake shaped like a vintage hat for a woman's surprise 80th birthday and a surprise birthday cake for Duff's dad.


Episode 4 - Life's a Zoo

Duff is making a cake for Zoomerang, the annual benefit gala for the Maryland Zoo AND a bride orders an unusual groom's cake for her heavy-metal-loving fiancé.


Episode 5 - Duff Goes Hollywood

Duff gives cake-decorating lessons to a local troop of Brownies and makes a crab-themed 50th birthday cake for a Baltimore seafood restaurant. Then Duff appears on the Tonight Show, to make a birthday cake for Jay Leno.


Episode 6 - Cake Walk

A couple marrying at a local amusement park has ordered a cake for each table in the shape of a bumper car. But when the big day arrives, it's over 100 degrees and humid -- can the modeling chocolate on the cakes survive the heat?


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