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Ace of Cakes Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 100 Episodes of Cake

It's just another crazy week at Charm City Cakes as Duff and his staff are challenged by a request for a roller coaster cake. And the bakery staff reflects on 100 episodes of bakery life.


Episode 2 - Miami Meltdown

Duff is asked to make his tallest statue ever-an Egyptian Pharaoh. Lauren and Duff perform a high-flying act and the staff of Charm City Cakes takes on the ultimate challenge...making a cake, live on stage, in 45 minutes.


Episode 3 - Indy, Ice and Improv

Duff takes to the ice to challenge a team of sled hockey players, while Tommy summons up visions of Hasselhof in order to make the KITT car. Duff and Geof get a birthday cake order trading jabs with Drew Carey!


Episode 4 - Duff Goes to Bat

Charm City Cakes takes on one of its biggest architectural (and pronunciation) challenges to date: the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.


Episode 5 - Boston and the Pops

Wait, is that Duff in a tuxedo? Baltimore's famous chef heads up to Boston to deliver a cake to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and conduct the Pop's rousing encore.


Episode 6 - Happy Birthday Jimmy John's

The bakery mourns the loss of a renowned landmark when a hot dog stand surprise cake is cancelled after the location burns down the morning of their 70th anniversary!


Episode 7 - Full Throttle Bakery

It's a rocket-powered week as Chef Duff plans to launch the first-ever rocket cake. Will it survive its voyage into space and its return to Earth?


Episode 8 - Music and Mayhem

Mary Alice gets a personal tour of Geof's hometown when they deliver a cake for Relay for Life. Duff rocks out with the choir of PS22 when he takes a Grammy-inspired cake to New York's famous singing public school.


Episode 9 - Grand Ole Opry

Duff rushes to finish a cake for the 85th anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry - a cake with a real mic inside! But perhaps Duff's cake dreams have finally gone too far this time.


Episode 10 - Charm City... Off the Grid

Franklin where? Chef Duff is westward bound, heading his RV out to Franklin Grove, Illinois, for some sheep shearing, muzzle loading and a 175th year anniversary cake for the town too small to have a stoplight.


Episode 11 - Slow Mules and Fast Cars

Duff and Geof take their RV bakery south for some Cadillac graffiti, gun shooting and mule riding with the locals. Then Duff puts a race car through its paces at the Charlotte Speedway and makes a cake for one of the racing teams.


Episode 12 - Duff UK Invasion

Tally-ho, Jolly good, Pip pip! Charm City Cakes packs its bags and heads off across the pond. Duff and his crew bake a cake for Shakepeare's Globe Theatre and wine and dine with some of London's best chefs.


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