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Ace of Cakes Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 2 - Tattoos and Traditions

Duff takes the staff on a field trip to a tattoo museum, and the team works on a duck hunt-themed cake and a red velvet cake in the shape of an armadillo dressed in an EMT uniform.


Episode 3 - Mary (Alice) Go Round

Duff and the crew make a carousel cake with a special touch from Geoff for Asbury Park's 110th anniversary.


Episode 4 - Challenge Road Trip

Duff, Geoff and Mary Alice head to Denver to be celebrity judges for one of the Food Network's extreme cake challenges.


Episode 5 - Wishes Granted

Duff's going to make a little girl's wish come true. Laura Cowling, a nine-year-old little girl from Houston, Texas, has an inoperable brain tumor. She loves Ace of Cakes and wants to come to Baltimore to meet Duff.


Episode 6 - Rock and Roll

Duff and his crew design special cakes for the Armed Forces Foundation gala, a rock and roll amplifier and a pirate ship wedding cake.


Episode 7 - Coach Duff

Duff's chipping in as one of the coaches for the NBA, and he's showing up with a bunch of cake!


Episode 8 - Battleships and Birthdays

It's Tom Clancy's birthday, and he wants one of Duff's cakes! Plus, the crew makes a wedding cake for Duff's roommate from freshmen year.


Episode 9 - Hairspray Premiere

Charm City Cakes provides a giant cake for the Baltimore premiere of Hairspray and follow-up with an interview with the director John Waters. The crew also builds a cake based on the classic game Operation.


Episode 10 - Charm and Charities

Duff's signed on to do another cake for Zoomerang, the Baltimore Maryland Zoo's big gala fundraising event. After getting in touch with the elephants, Duff is sure to make an amazing creation that will top last year's Flamingos.


Episode 11 - Uncle Sam Wants Duff

Booze, stogies and the US Army! It's the Army's birthday, and they've asked Duff to make a special tank cake for a big pregame presentation.


Episode 12 - Stadium Games & Eating Brains

CCC is going to make a cake for a Birthday boy, Jason. They are making a version of Jason's head, flanked by two zombies eating his brain.


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