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Ace of Cakes Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Baked Alaska

Duff heads to the Great White North to get a taste for frontier living as he prepares a cake for Alaska's 50th anniversary of statehood. Plus, it's a spacey week at the bakery and the crew chips in for a bake sale.


Episode 2 - Cakes Take Flight

Charm City Cakes gets their most secretive order ever -- a cake that has to be delivered by a private plane to an unknown customer.


Episode 3 - Pasta, Pizza and Pastry

The bakery is overrun with the usual craziness of stormtroopers, dog walkers and cake orders. Geof does some sleuthing when the pasta machine that drives everyone crazy suddenly goes missing.


Episode 4 - Yankee Stadium

Erica is overwhelmed with the challenges of doing a cake for the Mummers in Philadelphia and Duff, Geof and Mary head up to New York to celebrate the Yankees new stadium and meet some very big names in baseball.


Episode 5 - Big Red Squig

Duff suits up to do battle as he and Ben whip up the craziest video game star ever -- the Big Red Squig -- and meet some avid gamers.


Episode 6 - Double Secret Cake Surprise

A bride and groom have BOTH ordered surprise cakes for each other on the day of their rehearsal dinner. Ben and Elena work on a huge Humpty Dumpty bridal shower cake.


Episode 7 - A Hard Knock Cake for Duff

Big cakes and even bigger events are on order this week. Duff and his new buddy Brett make a cake for a Best Buddies International gala hosted by Superstar quarterback Tom Brady.


Episode 8 - Charm City Carnival

Carnival Cruise Lines is coming to Baltimore and what better way to kick off the celebration than with a cake of the cruise ship Carnival Pride from Charm City Cakes!


Episode 9 - En Garde!

In a bakery first, Charm City Cakes is challenged to a duel by one of their clients. Will Geof be able to defend the bakery's honor?


Episode 10 - Get Your Kicks on Cake

Katherine and Ben get their kicks on Route 66 as they concoct a period Airstream Diner, Lauren whips up a pacemaker cake for a cardiologist and humidity wreaks havoc on CCC causing a supersized bed cake to have a meltdown.


Episode 11 - Dizzy Doings

This week there are crazy physic happenings at the bakery when a medium comes to check out Charm City Cakes. Ben, Erica and Elena team up to battle the aliens for an "Independence Day" inspired wedding cake.


Episode 12 - Harry Potter and the Big Apple

Duff is once again invited to celebrate with the Hogwarts crowd as he makes a uniquely designed cake for the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


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