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Ace of Cakes Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Food Network Friends

It's an insane week for Duff - he's shooting three television shows, making a huge cake for the Broadway premiere of Crybaby and building the tallest cake in Charm City Cakes history.


Episode 2 - World's Largest Cupcake

Duff and Geof create the world's largest cupcake for a charity bake sale in Minnesota. Then, Mary Smith creates a roulette wheel cake for a local Baltimore charity's "Casino Night."


Episode 3 - Elephant Delivery Service

Duff and his team make a cake that is a tower of toys for twins' first birthday party, and Duff delivers the cake dressed as a pink elephant.


Episode 4 - Pandamonium

Duff, Geof and the team make a giant cake for the Hollywood premiere of Kung Fu Panda. Katherine makes a cake that's a dead ringer for a deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza and tops it with a Maryland blue crab.


Episode 5 - Swimming with Sharks

Duff delivers a cake to a Newport, KY aquarium and swims with a tank full of sharks. Meanwhile back in Baltimore, the staff creates a Neapolitan Mastiff Cake for the local dog show.


Episode 6 - Pinball Wizard

Geof undertakes yet another stadium - venerable Fenway park. The biggest cake of the week is a replica of a vintage pinball machine for a big pinball convention.


Episode 7 - Care for a Cupcake?

The Stanley Cup visits the shop to model for a wedding cake, courtesy of the NHL. Then, the bakery makes a bar mitzvah dirt bike cake and an island-themed cake for a post-wedding celebration.


Episode 8 - Gone to the Dogs

Geof's dog, Cotton, is thrust into the spotlight, serving as the model for a cake that the shop makes for Milk-Bone's 100th anniversary. The team then makes a replica of the Starship Enterprise and a Dachshund in a hot dog bun.


Episode 9 - Everything in Between

Charm City makes a cake topped by giant golden tree frogs for the Baltimore Zoo's gala black-tie fundraiser. The bakery also designs a replica of a turducken and the Lincoln Memorial.


Episode 10 - Tanks, Trucks and Vikings

The bakery whips up a replica of an Army tank for a veteran's wedding, a massive Mack Truck and an authentic Viking ship for a couple of re-enactors who are getting hitched at a Renaissance fair.


Episode 11 - The Big Cake-owski

Duff creates a cake for the Lebowski-fest, a festival celebrating the Coen brothers' cult classic, The Big Lebowski. Then, the team makes a stunning replica of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon.


Episode 12 - New Frontiers

Duff and his team make a replica of the moon, a giant peanut butter cup and a huge sandcastle cake.


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