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Ace of Cakes Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Firefighters and Firebreathers

Duff makes a cake for the Firefighter Combat Challenge and attempts the challenge course. The bakery also creates a giant red dragon and a huge globe cake for the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association.


Episode 2 - Snowboards and Cupcakes

Duff creates a snowboard terrain park cake, as well as a zombie hand and portrait wedding cakes. Then, disaster looms as Anna, Katie, Rose and Mary Smith attempt a wedding cake and cupcakes for a friend.


Episode 3 - Tiki Time

The cake crew turns out a tiki cake for a wedding anniversary and birthday. They also create a couch-potato groom's cake and a cake that combines a bride's dress pattern and her two horses.


Episode 4 - Food, Fashion and Galactic

Duff builds a six foot whisk cardamom and pistachio cake for a New York event. Then, the crew designs 12 shoe cakes for a charity fashion show, and Elena creates a stunning replica of Boba Fett's spaceship from Star Wars.


Episode 6 - King of Charm City

The crew is invited to make a cake for King of the Hill's season finale and join the cast and crew in Los Angeles for a guest role on the episode.


Episode 7 - Ghouls, Ghosts and Chocolate

The cake crew brews up a haunted chapel with a zombie bride and groom. Then, they craft a six-foot long replica of a Hershey candy bar for Milton Hershey School's 100th Birthday.


Episode 8 - What's Up Cookie?

In honor of the Girl Scouts, the team builds several giant replicas of their most popular cookies. Then, they create space-age office chairs and a Louisiana plantation home.


Episode 9 - I Do!

An Ohio couple visits the shop and the groom-to-be pops the question with a giant fortune cookie cake. Then, the team creates anesthesia machine and Edgar Allan Poe-themed cakes.


Episode 10 - Ace Eagle

CCC creates a perfect replica of the Philadelphia Eagles' stadium and then delivers it to bar mitzvah accompanied by Swoop, the Eagles mascot.


Episode 12 - 'Lost' in Hawaii

Actor Jorge Garcia commissions a unique cake to celebrate the 100th episode of Lost. Then, Duff bakes an Army cake and gets to experience the thrill of riding in a Blackhawk helicopter.


Episode 13 - Merry Cakemas

The Charm City crew gets in a holiday spirit by dressing up as Duff! Mary Smith pipes the ultimate Christmas stocking cake and Duff gets excited to do a pair of bridal cakes: a pineapple cake and a piece of luggage.


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