Gold Rush

Gold Rush Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - No Guts No Glory

Todd, Jack and their crew of unemployed mining greenhorns leave their homes in Oregon with hopes of striking gold and saving their families in southeast Alaska.


Episode 2 - Gold, Guns and Bears

The stakes are raised for the greenhorn miners at Porcupine Creek after a bear encounter and rock-shaker incident threaten to shut down mining season.


Episode 3 - Running Dirt

Tensions are at an all-time high and the guys are behind schedule just as their families arrive asking why no gold has been found.


Episode 4 - The Ultimate Price

The team's progress is stalled due to a Department of Fish and Game violation that jeopardizes their vital water supply for the mine.


Episode 5 - The Pain Barrier

The miners continue to run dirt but an equipment malfunction brings the operation to a halt. Meanwhile, James collapses and Jimmy drives a wedge between himself and the crew when he takes on an extra job to earn cash.


Episode 6 - Gold Fever

The miners are behind schedule and must come up with $10,000 worth of gold in the next two days or else their families will be sent home.


Episode 7 - Going For Broke

A gold recovery expert comes in to help the rookies while Todd resorts to desperate measures to make necessary equipment modifications.


Episode 8 - Bad Blood

James can't keep his frustrations under control after a veteran miner cranks up production and things fall apart.


Episode 9 - Bedrock or Bust

The crew throws caution to the wind despite the extreme Alaskan winter weather and constant equipment issues.


Episode 10 - Never Say Die

Jack puts his life on the line as the team races to strike gold before true Alaskan winter sets in.


Episode 11 - Alaska: Full Disclosure

Now back in Oregon, the mining crew provides a behind-the-scenes look at how they felt about their time in Alaska and detail their future plans.


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