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Episode 17 - Katie

Smart and outgoing, Katie was the star of the family--she traveled the world as an elite Irish dancer. She could have made it her career--but she got derailed into a life of partying and drugs that has led her down a dangerous path of cocaine and heroin addiction. Katie is now a shell of her former self. She lives with her boyfriend who deals drugs and supplies her with a weekly $2,000 fix. Although Katie's addiction has devastated her family, they unite for one last chance to save her. But Katie puts everything in jeopardy when she attempts to shut down the documentary before the intervention can take place.


Episode 18 - Mike / Lauren

Mike thought he'd realized his dream of having a happy, loving family with his wife and two sons. But a few years ago everything changed when he lost his brother to cancer and his sister to suicide. This triggered a tragic downward spiral. Mike's nightly habit of having a few beers quickly turned into raging alcoholism. After his son broke up a physical fight between his parents, Mike agreed to give up drinking. Unfortunately, he replaced alcohol with heroin. If he doesn't get help, his family says they will cut off ties to him forever. At 14, Lauren was forced to become caretaker to her ill father. By 18, she was a mother herself. Seven years and three kids later, Lauren's father died and she turned to pills to cope. By the time she realized she was hooked, Lauren had lost her kids. Now Lauren's drug abuse has escalated. Her mother, sisters and two teenaged children are rallying to make one last effort to get her into treatment.


Episode 19 - Samantha C.

24-year-old Samantha was a soccer prodigy at age 12, but when a close relative developed an inappropriate relationship with her 12-year-old teammate, it crushed her and her family. Soon afterwards, Samantha was sexually assaulted and introduced to drugs, triggering a downward spiral that led her to heroin and prostitution. After years of substance abuse, her anguished family's last hope is that an intervention can give Samantha the push she needs to put her dangerous drug use and lifestyle behind her once and for all.


Episode 20 - Zach / Theresa

While still a child, Zach's father was incarcerated, and Zach and his sister were adopted by their loving grandparents. When Zach's father was released from jail he moved in with the grandparents, hoping for a fresh start. It didn't take long for his father to fall off the wagon, and in fact, it was Zach's father who first introduced Zach to heroin. Using, but still functional, Zach met his girlfriend Whitney, and two years ago, she had their son. Today Zach's cocaine and heroin addiction is out of control. Whitney has turned to Intervention for help. Theresa swore she wouldn't end up like her mother who was a raging alcoholic. However, years later after several failed relationships and children, Theresa finds herself drinking uncontrollably--to the point that even cirrhosis of the liver isn't enough to make her stop. Her daughter says she's at rock bottom, close to death, and her family knows that an intervention is their last hope.


Episode 21 - Daniel

27-year-old Daniel could have pursued a career as an artist and songwriter, but a series of personal tragedies--culminating in his father's death--led him to abuse a dangerous combination of alcohol and meth. His daily consumption has not only destroyed his artistic ambitions, it's alienated him from his family and friends. Daniel's family is certain that if he doesn't get help soon, he will die. Daniel's mother, the only family member who still regularly associates with him, pays for Daniel to live in a week-to-week motel room to keep him off the streets. Recently, Daniel resumed a romantic relationship with Sarah, a fellow addict who supplies Daniel with alcohol, and their booze-fueled nights escalate Daniel's already serious addiction to deadly lows. Now in a last ditch effort, his family comes together for an intervention.


Episode 22 - Samantha

As a child, Sam was bright, artistic and outgoing. But when she was six, her life took a drastic change when her parents divorced and her father remarried and moved away. Then at 14, Sam's life changed forever when she was sexually assaulted. Counseling and prescription medication helped her for a while, but eventually Sam stopped taking the medication and turned to a life of partying, fueled by alcohol and Ecstasy. A fast downward spiral into heroin followed and today Sam is a full-blown addict. Her family is hoping an intervention will lead to treatment.


Episode 23 - Mindie / Katherine

Suffering post-traumatic stress after being molested as a child, Mindie developed a drug habit in her teens that gave way to full-on meth addiction in her 20s. Her sister-in-law recently passed away from an overdose and her struggling family is intervening to prevent her from suffering the same fate. Katherine got hooked on pain pills after a botched epidural during the birth of her 2nd child. Now she's addicted to meth and lost her home and custody of her kids. Her parents are desperate to get her sober before she causes them to go broke--or causes harm to herself.


Episode 24 - Bryceton

A talented singer-songwriter, Bryceton's addiction to alcohol and spice (synthetic marijuana) is completely out of control. His wife struggles to raise their son while coping with Bryceton's erratic behavior, but she's fighting a losing battle. The rest of his family tries to help, but their efforts are only met with outbursts and anger.


Episode 30 - Matthew / Olivia

A difficult relationship with his parents led Matthew to experiment with drugs. But when a drug test came back positive, he lost custody of his son and went from part-time user to full-blown addict. Now, angry and threatening, Matthew huffs 10 cans of computer duster a day. His family fears that every breath of duster he takes could be his last. Olivia's life was changed forever when she was repeatedly molested by a relative at age 11. Successive traumas into adulthood have led her to mask her emotional pain by injecting a dangerous combination of heroin and meth. Meanwhile, her grandmother is ill with stage 4 cancer--and the family worries they'll lose both their loved ones.


Episode 31 - Amanda / James

Amanda's world was thrown into a tailspin when her husband went missing for months. When his body was finally found, the victim of a high profile murder, she went off the deep end and found escape in drugs. Now her children are in state custody and she's shooting heroin to cope. When James first tried meth, he thought he'd found a wonder-drug to give him the energy for a demanding job, marriage and fatherhood--but the resulting addiction and spiral took all of those things away from him. Now his ex-wife is trying to save his life so their sons will have a chance to know their father.


Episode 32 - David S.

The son and nephew of Major League Baseball stars, David struggled not only with being compared to his athletic family, but also with his own sexuality. Acting out turned to alcoholism and meth addiction--and it wasn't long before David found himself dumpster diving and sleeping behind stores in his family's upscale neighborhood.


Episode 33 - Erin / Joshua

Erin spent her teens and twenties as an A-list rock-n-roll groupie, but a prescription to relieve neck pain got her hooked on Dilaudid. Now her mother raises her 5-year-old son while Erin prostitutes herself to maintain a $1700-a-week habit. Her family calls on Sylvia Parsons, who was intervened on by Jeff VanVonderen in Episode 32 from 2006--and who the first subject of Intervention to ever make the transition to interventionist. At the age of 14, Joshua was badly beaten by his girlfriend's father--two years later, he was molested by the leader of his youth group. He turned to heroin to cope with his traumas--and now he lives in a car, running scams and panhandling to support his addiction.


Episode 34 - Carrie E.

Carrie was a young boxer with a shot at going pro, but losing an important fight triggered the trauma of being deserted by her father and she turned to drugs to cope. Now Carrie's boxing career is on hold, she's living on the streets and hustling for her next fix.


Episode 35 - Justin / Kayne

The black sheep of a successful family, Justin got hooked on prescription opiates after he was run over by a truck. Now he begs, borrows and steals from family and friends to maintain his methadone and heroin habit. After his mother died, Kayne turned to drugs to cope, which eventually cost him his marriage and the custody of his children. This drove him further into his addiction and now he spends each day getting high on a deadly combination of Xanax and heroin.


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