Intervention Season 23 Episodes

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Season 23 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Krystal

Nicknamed "Krystal Cali," for her classic California looks and energetic personality, Krystal lived out her dream of getting married and dedicating her life to two young sons, but the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family, along with the death of her father turned "Krystal Cali" into an alcohol, heroin, meth and fentanyl addict. Interventionist: Ken Seeley.


Episode 2 - Peter

Growing up, Peter excelled in everything he did--school, sports and the arts, but the pressure of being perfect and the fear of letting his family down, coupled with a secret childhood trauma led Peter to fentanyl and now he's smoking 1000 times the lethal dose every single day. Interventionist: Ken Seeley.


Episode 3 - Jesse

Jesse grew up gender fluid in household rife with addiction, trauma and dysfunction, and after nearly losing his mother to drugs, Jesse spiraled into an addiction of his own and now lives on the streets of Oceanside, California, smoking fentanyl while his now-sober family fights to save his life.


Episode 4 - Ashley

Despite being born into a family of addicts, Ashley was a straight-A student with dreams of attending one of the top universities in California. But her hopes were dashed when her stepfather introduced her to meth and heroin as a teenager, and now she's homeless and self-medicating with every drug she can get her hands on. Interventionist: Donna Chavous.


Episode 5 - Jayden

After a terrifying burn accident as a child, Jayden grew up hoping to become a firefighter and fight California's notorious forest fires. But now after a series of tragic events, 20-year-old Jayden is smoking dangerous amounts of fentanyl, and his family fears that his life will soon be snuffed out. Interventionist: Sylvia Parsons.


Episode 6 - Elliot

Elliot overcame a traumatic childhood and moved to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of becoming a chef on the Vegas Strip, but the rampant drug culture in restaurant kitchens along with the sudden death of his brother sent Elliot reeling, and now he's homeless and addicted to heroin. Interventionist: Ken Seeley.


Episode 7 - Ryan

At 16, while trying a difficult skateboard maneuver, Ryan severely injured his ankle. Doctors prescribed opioids, and Ryan, couchbound for a year, enjoyed the emotionally numbing effect of the drugs. When his ankle healed and his prescription was cut off, Ryan turned to street drugs for his fix. Now 26, he is addicted to fentanyl, and has nearly lost his life to overdose multiple times. Ryan's parents fear that without a successful intervention, he is sure to perish at the hands of his addiction.


Episode 8 - Brea

When an unfortunate family secret is accidentally revealed to Brea, the world she's known her entire life is shattered. As she begins to tailspin out of control with the help of alcohol and pharmaceuticals, all her mother can do is fight to pick up the pieces.


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