The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Rival

Back in time to when Anais is a newborn baby and Gumball and Darwin are jealous of her sparking a baby war.


Episode 2 - The Lady

The kids find out Dad has been dressing as a woman to make friends.


Episode 3 - The Sucker

Darwin ends up in detention with the Bomb Kid, who decides to make Darwin his new target. However, it backfires when Darwin ruins his life.


Episode 4 - The Vegging

Gumball and Darwin just want to veg out all day but end up having to save the rest of the family.


Episode 5 - The One

Tobias tries to be Gumball's best friend.


Episode 6 - The Father

The kids try to help Dad bond with Frankie.


Episode 7 - The Cringe

Gumball and Hotdog Kid discover why they're so awkward with each other.


Episode 8 - The Cage

The kids convince Mr Corneille to become a cage fighter and set up a fight against a fearsome Russian fighter.


Episode 9 - The Faith

Alan has lost faith in humanity and turned the world black and white. Gumball has to get over his hatred of Alan to bring the color back by singing.


Episode 10 - The Candidate

A group of kids get locked in the school after their parents have a charity gala. They appoint Gumball as leader to get them out but it leads to chaos.


Episode 11 - The Anybody

Clayton shapeshifts into people to take their detentions for money. He starts framing people for misdemeanors so GB and DW must track him down to stop him.


Episode 12 - The Pact

Gumball and Professor Brown make a pact to tell each other's girlfriends about problems they have.


Episode 13 - The Neighbor

Gumball and Darwin try to find out the name of their neighbour, Antlers Guy, but accidentally blow his witness protection cover.


Episode 14 - The Shippening

When people that barely know each other start falling in love, Gumball thinks he knows who's behind it. He rushes to Sarah's house and finds her writing in a magic notebook that turns everything in it into reality. When everything in Elmore gets crazier and crazier there's only one thing for it: they have to write their way out.


Episode 15 - The Brain

Anais has been facepalming every time her family does something stupid, which has led to a serious medical condition. In fact, if she facepalms just one more time she could do her brain irreparable damage, so the Wattersons have to get through the week without doing anything idiotic.


Episode 16 - The Parents

After accidentally bumping into each other in the grocery aisle, Nicole and her parents have it out. The Wattersons discover why Nicole and her parents haven't been on speaking terms for so long. The kids decide to bring about a reunion, in order to secure that backlog of birthday and holiday presents...


Episode 17 - The Founder

When Nicole decides to pay the cable bill in person at Chanax, she leaves specific instructions for Richard to stay in the car. However he's far too tempted by the vending machine in the foyer to follow her advice. Chanax believes Richard is their mysterious founder and follow his every whim, leading to their inevitable demise.


Episode 18 - The Schooling

Gumball and Darwin are at the convenience store considering playing truant. Larry warns them that if they don't take their education seriously they'll end up like him. To prove his point, Larry lets Gumball and Darwin work some of his many roles to make them appreciate the value of a good education.


Episode 19 - The Intelligence

Gumball and Darwin argue with the Internet and make him mad. So mad in fact that he seeks to wipe out humanity and, while doing so, malfunctions! The whole of Elmore is plunged into a time before technology. It's actually pretty nice. Will Gumball and Darwin decide to leave the internet unplugged?


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