The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Pony / The Hero

The Pony: Gumball and Darwin race home to spend quality time with Anais, but every likely obstacle gets in the way... and some unlikely ones, too! / The Hero: Gumball and Darwin are determined to prove to their dad that he is their hero at any cost!


Episode 2 - The Dream / The Sidekick

The Dream: When Gumball blames Darwin for kissing Penny in his dream, it threatens to tear apart their friendship, and the only place you can fix a dream problem is in the dream world. / The Sidekick: During a quest to retrieve a loaned video game, Darwin begins to suspect that he is trapped playing second-fiddle to Gumball.


Episode 3 - The Photo / The Tag

The Photo: It's school picture day, and Gumball has until 3 p.m. to take one good photo - or have his legacy ruined forever. / The Tag: Gumball and Darwin get caught in the middle of Dad and Mr. Robinson's trash can feud.


Episode 4 - The Storm / The Lesson

The Storm: Love is in the air, and Gumball is caught in the center of an emotional hurricane - literally! / The Lesson: Gumball and Darwin get put in detention and quickly find it's more like prison than school. And there's only one thing to do in prison... ESCAPE!


Episode 5 - The Game / The Limit

The Game: The Wattersons embark on their first family game of Dodge or Dare but soon find out why Gumball and Darwin abandoned the monster they created. / The Limit: The Watterson family face Mom's wrath in a supermarket.


Episode 6 - The Promise / The Voice

The Promise: Darwin has promised to play video games with Gumball, but there is a Banana Joe-shaped problem... / The Voice: When Gumball and Darwin receive a scary email, everyone is a suspect... including themselves!


Episode 7 - The Castle / The Boombox

The Castle: When Mom is away "anything goes," and Dad's lack of rules soon attracts unwelcome house guests. / The Boombox: Gumball and Darwin try to understand Juke's urgent Beatbox message, but why won't he just speak English?!!


Episode 8 - The Tape / The Sweaters

The Tape: Gumball and Darwin fail to make some instant home-made movie classics. / The Sweaters: Gumball and Darwin's reputation is challenged and they really couldn't care less...


Episode 9 - The Internet / The Plan

The Internet: Gumball accidentally uploads a video of himself, and then demands The Internet take it down...personally! / The Plan: The Watterson kids come up with a fool-proof plan to save their mom, but is it Gumball-proof?


Episode 10 - The World / The Finale

The World: The amazing world of Elmore is full of inanimate objects that aren't nearly as inanimate as you might hope! / The Finale: The Wattersons are surprised to discover that their past actions have consequences.


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