The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Kids / The Fan

The Kids: Gumball and Darwin's voices may be breaking, but they're showing no signs of growing up. Whilst Gumball and Darwin make fun of Mom and Dad for being old, their voices start to break. They try to ignore it, but everybody they meet reacts to their new and unpredictable voices. The Fan: Sarah, the new kid in school, is Gumball and Darwin's number one, slightly obsessive, fan. Sarah is intensely following Gumball and Darwin around trying to win their friendship. When Gumball tells her that she is acting like a stalker, she embraces it and actually takes it up a notch.


Episode 2 - The Coach / The Joy

The Coach: The new coach at Elmore High stands up to Jamie. The new Coach witnesses Jamie bullying the other kids at lunch and steps in. Jamie is made to apologize, much to the amazement of the other kids. Gumball and Darwin worry about Jamie seeking revenge, especially when they see him sneaking into the back of Coach's car. / The Joy: Miss Simian has to save herself from a contagious Joy virus infecting the whole school. After Dad gives Gumball and Darwin a special hug, the kids go to school filled with a virulent form of Joy. Miss Simian quickly identifies the terrible affliction, and soon enough it spreads to the other kids.


Episode 3 - The Puppy / The Recipe

The Puppy: The kids finally get the puppy they always wanted,'s actually a turtle, and it hates them. / The Recipe: Gumball and Darwin discover the secret behind Anton's immortality.


Episode 4 - The Name / The Extras

The Name: When Mom reveals that Gumball's real name is "Zach," Gumball adopts a cheesy, annoying persona to match the name. His family tries to make him remember the old Gumball, as this new Zach persona is progressively taking over Gumball's life and erasing his memories. / The Extras: Nothing much is happening for Gumball and Darwin, and the background characters in Elmore seize their moment.


Episode 5 - The Gripes / The Vacation

The Gripes: Gumball is in such a bad mood that it spreads to Darwin, who joins him in complaining about everything. / The Vacation: The Wattersons are swapping scary stories on a family vacation, when their car breaks down in the middle of the desert.


Episode 6 - The Fraud / The Void

The Fraud: Gumball and Darwin discover Principal Brown's diploma is fake, and Principal Brown is determined to keep their discovery a secret. / The Void: When Gumball and Darwin investigate a missing classmate, they start noticing small details around Elmore High that don't add up.


Episode 7 - The Boss / The Move

The Boss: Gumball and Darwin help Rocky land an office job so that his dad, Mr. Robinson, will be proud of him. / The Move: Clayton is a compulsive liar, but Gumball discovers he wasn't lying about his awesome martial arts move.


Episode 8 - The Law / The Allergy

The Law: Donut Cop shows Gumball and Darwin that the smallest misdemeanour can lead to a breakdown in law. / The Allergy: Gumball needs to find a cure for Darwin's allergy before he sneezes Elmore off the map.


Episode 9 - The Mothers / The Password

The Mothers: It's Mother's Day, and kids put their moms through a series of tests to determine who has the World's Greatest Mom. / The Password: Gumball and Darwin are shocked to discover that Anais is Dad's favorite child.


Episode 10 - The Procrastinators / The Shell

The Procrastinators: Gumball and Darwin go to extraordinary lengths to avoid taking out the trash. / The Shell: Gumball inadvertently cracks open Penny's shell and discovers who she really is inside.


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