The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Knights / The Colossus

The Knights: Gumball and Tobias compete for Penny's affection by putting on the lamest duel in history. / The Colossus: Gumball and Darwin learn that it isn't wise to upset Hector, Elmore's resident Giant.


Episode 2 - The Fridge / The Flower

The Fridge: When Mom discovers Gumball has no ambition she is determined to turn him into a winner. / The Flower: When Gumball sees Leslie with Penny, he is overcome with uncontrollable jealousy.


Episode 3 - The Phone / The Job

The Phone: When Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone, they foolishly give out their number to super-intense Ocho. / The Job: Dad gets his first job as a pizza delivery guy, which rocks the very fabric of the universe.


Episode 4 - The Banana / The Remote

The Banana: Darwin lends his pen to Banana Joe but, when it comes back chewed, Gumball's thoughts turn to revenge. / The Remote: The Wattersons' battle for possession of the TV remote gets dirty.


Episode 5 - Halloween / The Treasure

Halloween: Carrie takes Gumball, Darwin and Anais to a real haunted house party on Halloween! / The Treasure: Anais uncovers a secret that she's convinced will lead her to the Watterson's hidden family treasure.


Episode 6 - The Words / The Apology

The Words: Darwin is too polite to speak his mind, so Gumball teaches him to be direct via an epic battle of insults. / The Apology: For once in his life Gumball is the one who's owed an apology...from Ms Simian!


Episode 7 - The Skull / The Bet

The Skull: Gumball and Darwin make friends with classmate Clayton, a compulsive liar who can shape-change! / The Bet: When Bobert becomes Gumball's servant for a day, Gumball realizes robots obey everyone's command... even if that means destroying you!


Episode 8 - The Watch / The Bumpkin

The Watch: Gumball and Darwin learn that getting a family heirloom back off an old man is harder than you might think. / The Bumpkin: Envious of his rustic lifestyle, Gumball invites Idaho over to teach the Wattersons how to live like a potato.


Episode 9 - Christmas / The Flakers

Christmas: Santa Claus is coming to town. Unfortunately he gets run over by the Wattersons, so it's up to them to save Christmas. / The Flakers: When Gumball is left by Darwin to get a pounding from Tina, he decides to teach Darwin a lesson.


Episode 10 - The Authority / The Virus

Granny JoJo's overprotective behavior puts the Wattersons in danger...from themselves. Gumball thinks Teri is way too scared of germs, but one's coming after him, and it wants revenge.


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