The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Robot / The Picnic

The Robot: Gumball discovers that Bobert is planning to take over his identity and replace him! / The Picnic: Gumball and Darwin barely survive a school picnic in the Forest of Doom


Episode 2 - The Goons / The Secret

The Goons: Gumball sets out to win his Dad back by winning a blindfolded "dumb" race. / The Secret: Gumball almost loses his mind trying to guess Darwin's secret.


Episode 3 - The Poltergeist / The Genius

The Poltergeist: Gumball and Darwin give Mr Robinson a home and end up saving his marriage. / The Genius: Darwin is sent away to a government institute for geniuses. Yes. Really.


Episode 4 - The Sock / The Mustache

The Sock: Gumball and Darwin are taught confusing lessons about honesty by the school counselor. / The Mustache: Gumball and Darwin's wish comes true when they suddenly turn into men.


Episode 5 - The Date / The Club

The Date: Gumball discovers the difference between a "date" and a "pet's funeral"...the hard way./The Club:When Gumball rejects "The Rejects Club", the rejects wreak their revenge.


Episode 6 - The Wand / The Ape

The Wand: Gumball and Darwin make their dad believe in magic again. / The Ape: Ms Simian sets out to "befriend" Gumball in order to win a Favourite Teacher Award


Episode 7 - The Car / The Curse

The Car: Gumball and Darwin accidentally destroy Mr Robinson's new car...or do they?/The Curse: Gumball experiences an impossibly unfortunate chain of events.


Episode 8 - The Microwave / The Meddler

The Microwave: Gumball and Darwin accidentally create a loveable monster that eats their family. / The Meddler: Gumball is embarrassed when Mom comes to school to spend some "quality time".


Episode 9 - The Helmet / The Fight

The Helmet: Gumball's magic tinfoil helmet threatens to tear the Watterson family apart! / The Fight: Anais is convinced that Gumball is being bullied by Tina Rex.


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