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Episode 0 - Season 1, Part 1 Official Trailer

Pete the Cat showcases empowering themes of self-discovery. Pete stays cool as he tries new things, sets out for picture day, writes his first song, learns to surf and even has his first performance for his band.


Episode 1 - Too Cool for School & Pete at the Beach

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Pete needs to decide on an outfit for picture day, which leads him to seek fashion advice from his friends. PETE AT THE BEACH: Pete and his family go on a trip to the beach so he can surf, but he is not immediately comfortable going in the water and needs brotherly help.


Episode 2 - Begin to Begin & Three Bite Rule

BEGIN TO BEGIN: Pete has trouble creating a new song for the band to play, and needs help from his friends and family. 3 BIT RULE: While preparing a dish to bring to school, Pete helps Grumpy embrace the 3 bite rule to try new thigs.


Episode 3 - Another Cats Shoes & Emma's Weird Song

ANOTHER CAT'S SHOES: Pete and his friends meet the new kid in town, but hanging out with him is different than what they expect. EMMA'S WEIRD SONG: After Emma delivers a "weird" song, it's up to Pete to prove that weird is cool.


Episode 4 - Magic Sunglasses & Sandcastles

MAGIC SUNGLASSES: Pete is having a crummy day, but when Grumpy gives him magic sunglasses, he sees the world in a whole new magical light. SANDCASTLES: When the gang is all hanging at the beach, Sally builds a great sand castle, but starts to worry when she realizes the tide will wipe it away.


Episode 5 - The Case of the Missing Cupcakes & Bedtime Blues

THE CASE OF THE MISSING CUPCAKES: Pete and his friends have to investigate when the cupcakes they made for Dennis' birthday suddenly disappear. BEDTIME BLUES: Pete and his friends have a fun sleepover but there is one problem, everyone is having trouble falling asleep when it's time for bed.


Episode 6 - The Band's First Gig & Quest!

THE BAND'S FIRST GIG: Pete and the band decide to play their first gig as a surprise at the town's big picnic. But when wind (and their own nerves) get in their way and nothing works out like they planned. QUEST: The gang use their imagination to quickly get to school in time after missing their bus.


Episode 7 - Pumpkin Pageant & Trick or Treating Ghost

PUMPKIN PAGEANT: Pete is preparing the perfect Jack-o-lantern for the pageant, but faces an unexpected challenge when his pumpkin breaks. TRICK OR TREATING GHOST: On Halloween night, the gang agrees to face their fears together, and explore the spookiest places in town.


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