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Episode 0 - Pete The Cat- Season 2, Part 3: Official Trailer

Hey there cats’n kittens, Pete the Cat and his friends are back for more musical adventures: celebrating groovy holidays – even putting on the evening news on TV… Whether they’re playing games, throwing parties or facing their fears, our favorite blue cat and pals always know how to make any situation a fun time, especially when they’re together.


Episode 1 - The Call & Pete Over-Extended

When Callie and Grupmy disagree on who won a game, will their disagreement end their friendship forever? When Pete agrees to go to two events on the same day, will he be able to enjoy either?


Episode 2 - Sally's Sour Note & Gustavo's Security Crisis

Can Sally create the perfect birthday gift for her fathers, even if she can't peform every part perfectly? When Gustavo's security blanket goes missing, can his friends help him overcome his fear of an upcoming solo?


Episode 3 - And Then There Were None & Take Your Cat to Work Day

When the gang agree to build a cardboard box fort in the park, will Grumpy's new video game lure them away from the task at hand? When Bonnie B gets locked in the control room during a tour of the news studio, can the gang step up and present the news in her place?


Episode 4 - Fairy Tale Takedown & Let the Games Begin

When the gang try to make up a new fairy tale by taking turns telling the story, can Grumpy learn to take turns before his friends feel left out? When Sally's friends decide to lose at games on purpose so that she can win, can Sally show them that games are more fun if you're not keeping score?


Episode 5 - Room at the Table & Founders Day

When Pete's Dad invites strangers over for Thanksgiving dinner, the gang must decide if they can welcome the newcomers and make space at their table. As Cat City celebrates Founders Day, will Gustavo be left out since he and his Papi are the first platypuses to ever live there?


Episode 6 - Gustavo's First Party & Too Cool to Pool

Can Gustavo plan the best birthday party ever, or will his attempt to make everyone happy end in tears? When the gang realizes that Emma is afraid to join them in the pool, can they help her get over her embarrasment?


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