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Pete the Cat Season 206 Episodes

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Season 206 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - Pete The Cat- Season 2, Part 4: Official Trailer

Pete and his pals are back with one musical adventure after another. From rocking out in their band to losing their marbles, climbing Cat Meowtain, and solving the mystery of what goes honk in the night, there's never a dull moment when this crew's together!


Episode 1 - All the Letters Home & Message In A Bottle

Will Sally give sleep-away camp a chance before her friends mount a daring rescue mission to bring her home? When Callie and Friends discover a message in a bottle on the beach, Callie spends all day trying to solve it. Can Pete show her that taking a break can help you look at a problem from a new perspective?


Episode 2 - Dream Melody & The Contest

Pete's amazing new song blows away in the wind, but will his friends be able to help find it, or will their adventure make for an even better song? When Mr. Laroux holds a songwriting contest, will Pete win the contest or can he inspire someone else to write something incredible?


Episode 3 - A Friend Named Lollypop & Squirrelton

When the gang tries to meet Dennis's new friends Salad and Soup, they can never seem to find them. Can Ranger Joey help get to the bottom of the mystery? Can Pete and Sally help Grumpy try new things at the Squirrelton Nutfest Harvest Festival?


Episode 4 - Fun Fair & Dance Party for One

When they make a new friend with special needs, can the gang find a way to update their games to make them fun for everyone? When the gang discover Boo Burrow's secret talent, will they respect her request to keep it secret?


Episode 5 - Small Steps & Grumpy Gets to Work

When Baby T grows legs to dance with his big brother, Grumpy wants to show off to everyone he knows. But when Baby T is too shy, can Grumpy be patient and wait for Baby T to feel comfortable sharing his new developments? Grumpy finds a new video game he wants, but his parents can't buy it for him. Will he ba able to find a way to earn the game for himself?


Episode 6 - The Five Senses & Everything I need

When Emma is partnered with Brian, a blind Burrow, in a sand sculpting contest, will they figure out a way to use all their senses to work together? With Pete's birthday approaching, his friends struggle to find the perfect birthday present. Can they figure out wat to get the cat who already has everything he needs?


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