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Episode 0 - Season 1, Part 2 Official Trailer

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Episode 1 - Kitty Catsclaw Reunion & Play Ball!

KITTY CATSCLAW REUNION: Pete and the kids hear about Catalina's big inspiration Kitty Catsclaw -- and that Kitty Catsclaw is doing a Reunion Concert. They decide to find out more, and soon discover there's more to Kitty -- and Pete's parents -- than he ever imagined. PLAY BALL: Grumpy's competitiveness during a baseball game leads him and his teammates to play poorly.


Episode 2 - I Once Was Lost & Snow Daze

I ONCE WAS LOST: The gang gets stuck in the woods on the way to a concert and fear gets the better of them, as they panic, instead of trying to find a solution. SNOW DAZE: Gustavo tells everyone he's the snow sledding record holder of Patagonia, but they can't get him to come out on the snow day and make a run. What's holding him back?


Episode 3 - Taking Care of Bobness & Sally Comes Clean

TAKING CARE OF BOBNESS: When Bob hurts his ankle and can't go surfing… he feels blue. Pete takes it upon himself to cheer his brother up. SALLY COMES CLEAN: Sally's collecting gets out of hand, until she learns that not everything is special enough to keep.


Episode 4 - Pink Pajama Pals & Meteor Shower

PINK PAJAMA PALS: Pete and Sally feel left out when the rest of the kids form a special group. Will they find the courage to speak up and let everyone know how they feel? METEOR SHOWER: Pete and the gang try to stay up way past their bed time to see a rare meteor shower.


Episode 5 - Blackout! & Wavy Way of Life

BLACKOUT!: When the lights go out, the kids have to figure out how to entertain themselves without electronics, and help Grumpy be less afraid of thunder. WAVY WAY OF LIFE: Pete and his friends learn that not everyone lives like they do, and that's exciting.


Episode 6 - Rock On Mom and Dad & Gotta Be You

ROCK ON MOM AND DAD: Pete wants to give his parents a gift to thank them for all they do for him. But, can he figure out just the right gift to give? GOTTA BE YOU: Pete and the gang want to win a contest to sing with CatGo, so they set out to record the perfect video copying her style. But, is it really them?


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