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Pete the Cat Season 203 Episodes

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Season 203 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - Pete the Cat - Season 2, Part 2: Official Trailer

Watch the Official Trailer for Pete The Cat Season 2, Part 2.


Episode 1 - Legend of Big Paw & Cat City Safety Patrol

When the gang goes camping, can they find the legendary creature known as "Big Paw"? Dennis and Pete form the Safety Patrol to make Cat City safer, but how safe is too safe?


Episode 2 - Super Surfboard Smash & SpaceCat 3611: Save the Music

When Pete accidentaly breaks Bob's surf board, will he admit his mistake before Bob's big surfing competition? & Will the kids, playing as characters from Space Cat 3611, rescue a princess and bring music back to the universe?


Episode 3 - The Gator's Song & Ohio Sphinx

When a family of Gators move to Cat City, will their popular Zydeco band replace The Resolutions? Can the gang turn trash into treasure and turn a boring trip to the flea market into a thirlling adventure?


Episode 4 - Full Court Press & Goodbye, Mrs.Burrow

Will a new coach help the gang learn how to play basketball in time to beat their rivals, the Crosstown Cats? When the gang hears that Mrs. Burrow will be leaving them next year, can they write a song great enough to convince her to stay?


Episode 5 - Last Days of Summer & The Home Front

With vacation running out, does the gang have enough time left for all of their favorite summer time activities? Sometimes it's hard when a new sibling is born, as the older sibling feels left out. When this happens to Grumpy, he seeks out Bob for help.


Episode 6 - Sharesies & The Magic Oath

When Grumpy forgets his bookbag at home, will he learn the difference between sharing with his friends, and taking from them? After the gang sees Kawow the Magician at the park, Grumpy wants to do magic too! But after he learns how to do the tricks, can he keep the mystery alive?


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