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Episode 0 - Pete The Cat: Season 2 Part 1 - Official Trailer

Watch the Official Trailer for Season 2, Part 1!


Episode 1 - Finders Keepers & The Honkening

When finding one of Callie's marbles, Grumpy struggles between invoking "finders keepers" or giving it back. Also, Pete is haunted by strange honking during the night and has the gang over to help figure out what it may be.


Episode 2 - Callie Loses Her Voice & Out of Tune

Callie loses her voice right before a big performance. What will happen? Also, Pete is having a string of bad luck no matter what happens and wonders what to do.


Episode 3 - Sally’s Not Amused & The Singing Cabbage

The gang goes to an amusement park, but Sally is too small for most of the rides. Also, All the kids go to see a baffling new piece of art, and get inspired to create something new of their own.


Episode 4 - Big Brother Lessons & Callie vs. the Volcano

Grumpy begins the exciting adventure of becoming a big brother. Also, Callie procrastinates on a science project and learns how to ask for help from her friends.


Episode 5 - Sally Knows Boo & No Meowtain Too High

The gang has to figure out what to do when Sally gets a new good friend of her own. Also, The gang goes on a hike to the peak of Cat Meowtain, but it seems so very far away. Will they make it?


Episode 6 - The Ballad of the Soggy Music Room & Parents' Day Surprise

The gang wants to host a bake sale to fix their music room, but will they be able to do it all by themselves? Also, can the gang help Gus show his mother how important she is to him, even though she is stationed far away?


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