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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Brotherhood Tested

The Emmy Award-winning series is back! King Crab season kicks off with a 12 million pound Bairdi quota increase that causes a Derby style fishing frenzy, a boat is stolen the night before launch, and the unlikeliest of alliances is born.


Episode 2 - Prodigal Son

An additional 15 million dollars in crab sends the fleet into a fishing frenzy. To get ahead, the Time Bandit and Wizard must put a decade old rivalry behind them. Josh Harris learns a difficult lesson.


Episode 3 - The Ultimatum

25ft waves test the mettle of rookie skipper Josh Harris, but it's fire not water that threatens to sink his 128ft Cornelia Marie. On the Wizard, a mutinous crew faces off with Captain Keith. Sig Hansen gets an unwelcome surprise.


Episode 4 - Super Typhoon Part 1

With the 800-mile Super-Typhoon Nuri closing in, Captains make hard choices to save their seasons. The Northwestern charges into the storm, the Cape Caution retreats to land, and the Wizard gets a replacement deckhand delivered on the high seas.


Episode 5 - Super Typhoon Part 2

Super Typhoon Nuri swallows the fishing grounds. With lives & livelihoods on the line, Rookie skipper Josh Harris's weaknesses are exposed, Captain Sig loses control of the Northwestern & Captain Elliott Neese steps down from the helm of the Saga.


Episode 6 - Wasted Talent

With a 1.5 million dollar boat of his own and more King Crab quota than any other captain in the fleet, Elliott Neese throws it all away and bids a final farewell. With a baby on the way, Jake Anderson struggles to fill Edgar's shoes on the Northwestern.


Episode 7 - Heavy Lies the Crown

On the Northwestern Jake gets a Whiplash-style captaining lesson from Sig. A long trip and a prank threaten Captain Johnathan's catch on the Time Bandit. To restore order on the Cornelia Marie Captain Josh must hit below the belt.


Episode 8 - Zero Hour

King Crab season draws to a close: Casey forces Josh to fish at full throttle on the Cornelia Marie. Jake takes another turn at the wheel on the Northwestern. Wild Bill turns up the heat on the Coast Guard.


Episode 9 - Hell's Bells

Christmas at sea for the Time Bandit is disturbed when an unhinged deckhand terrorizes the crew. Jake Anderson awaits the birth of his baby, when an unexpected phone call throws a wrench in the plan. A greenhorn's season is cut short by a gruesome injury.


Episode 10 - Lunatic Fringe

Three boats hit the Opie grounds early. Johnathan Hillstrand struggles with a rogue deckhand, freshman skipper Jake Anderson prepares for the birth of his baby, & a hydraulic explosion on the Cape Caution calls Zack Larson's dedication into question.


Episode 11 - New Captain on the Block

The rest of the fleet arrives in Dutch Harbor to take opilio season by storm. Jake Anderson prepares to captain the Saga for the first time. Captain Andy Hillstrand returns to find the Time Bandit in disarray. Keith Colburn's new greenhorn turns heads.


Episode 12 - 5-Year Storm Part 1

The most menacing storm of opilio season moves in on the fleet. A rogue wave terrorizes the Cape Caution, ripping steel and timber. The Wizard crew races to plug a gushing leak. The Saga, captained by Jake Anderson, is nearly capsized by a 40-foot wave.


Episode 13 - 5-Year Storm Part 2

A 600-mile-wide arctic storm continues to ravage the fleet. Rookie skippers Jake Anderson and Josh Harris struggle just keep their heads above water while veteran captains Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen charge straight into the heart of the tempest.


Episode 14 - Bite the Hand

A second major storm slams the fleet. Rookie skipper Jake Anderson reaches out to Sig Hansen for help. Josh Harris arrives on the grounds weeks late. Captains Keith Colburn and Wild Bill Wichrowski struggle to keep their greenhorns in the game.


Episode 15 - New Blood, Old Wounds

Late into Opilio season, the fleet battles against mental & physical breakdown. After deliberately defying Sig, Captain Jake Anderson has a shot at redemption. Captain Keith props up one ailing greenhorn after another. Wild Bill must decide on a medevac.


Episode 16 - Beastmode

Super Bowl Sunday & the Bering Sea: The Cornelia Marie hatches a scheme to watch the Seahawks play. An injured crewman jeopardizes Captain Keith Colburn's plan on the Wizard. The Cape Caution crew makes a near fatal error. The Time Bandit loses a Captain.


Episode 17 - I'm the Captain

The polar ice pack descends, threatening the end of season. Jake struggles to lead his crew in the worst of conditions. Sig attempts to offload his crab before saving his gear. Casey shows Josh what it means to be a Captain and Keith grinds to the finish.


Episode 18 - We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

Polar ice descends and each Skipper must choose flight or fight. The Saga is in danger of sinking & Jake must act fast to save his crew. Josh takes a huge gamble against Casey's wishes and heads towards the ice. Sig & Johnathan race to rescue gear.


Episode 106 - The Bait: Band of Bering Sea Brothers

As Typhoon Nuri descends upon the fleet, Captains and guests take shelter from Storm on The Bait. Captain Keith is getting sweaty in the hot seat, and a real American hero visits the studio.


Episode 107 - The Bait: Firestorm

Tonight on The Bait, Captains & Deckhands look back at the terror wrought by typhoon Nuri, discuss boat fires with a Seattle fire Captain, Deckhand Travis Lofland graces the Hot Seat, and Sig and Andy get hydraulic with a test of skill in the crane game.


Episode 109 - The Bait: Young Guns at the Helm

Opilio season is in full swing and captains young and old are gearing up on The Bait. Jake's got his family in tow, John is squirming in the Hot Seat, and we go fishing for story behind the scenes with Deadliest Catch Executive Producer, Jeff Conroy.


Episode 110 - The Bait: Fishing in the Ditch

There's a winter storm descending on the Bering Sea, but the Captains are warming up on The Bait. Andy is feeling the heat in the Hot Seat, Captain Jake is learning to drive a new boat and the Seattle Sea Gals are in the house to cheer on the crabbers.


Episode 111 - The Bait: Wave of the Future

As the storm of a decade rages on, the captains are staying warm and dry in The Bait studio. Keith Colburn is on fire in the hot seat, Monte Colburn jumps into the fray, and a bona fide soccer star kicks back at the captain's table.


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