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Episode 1 - Battle Lines

Sig and Jake have a massive falling out, leading to new strategies and new alliances. Josh Harris returns to captain his father's boat. Sean plays dirty, but Wild Bill shows him he's messing with the wrong Captain. With big rewards, come big risks.


Episode 2 - First Blood

Bering Sea draws first blood in a daring Coast Guard rescue. Jake strives to become an independent Captain, and Keith offers to take him on as an apprentice, but accusations fly and suspicions grow as the captains plunge head first into a brutal start.


Episode 3 - Dead in the Water

Wild Bill risks it all on a new bait and fish strategy hoping it will pay off big. Sean and Casey forge an alliance, but when one strikes crab, will he betray it? A dangerous mistake jeopardizes Jake's offload.The Cornelia Marie is whipped by bad weather.


Episode 4 - Salt Wounds

Sig takes heads off the grid on a daring midnight mission to shake his rivals. The Cornelia Marie pays the price for a rotten alliance, and an injured deckhand could force the boat in early. Keith gets big news from his doctor on a mystery illness.


Episode 5 - Collision Void

As a flooding collision void threatens to sink him, Keith fights to keep the Wizard afloat. A missing boat part leaves Jake stranded at sea. Sig gets ready to pass the torch to Edgar, but the brotherly tension rises when he can't give up the reins.


Episode 6 - Artic Hurricane

A massive arctic hurricane shocks the fleet with high winds and big waves, and an unstable stack threatens to capsize the Saga. As the captains rush to pull and set pots before harbor, Wild Bill risks driving straight into the storm to snatch his quota.


Episode 7 - Clash of Kings

Jake makes a devil's bargain, huge crab for hidden perils, until his boat itself is on the line. Sig serves cold justice at sea, while Wild Bill chases a King Crab jackpot.The Cornelia Marie crew learns when you bet on a boat, the (wheel)house always wins.


Episode 8 - Becoming Captain

On the brink of failure, Josh Harris discovers secret fishing grounds in his late father's logbooks. A deck mishap on the Saga could end Jake's season. The Coast Guard braves pitching seas in an attempt to hoist an injured sailor from inside a ship's tank


Episode 9 - Purgatory

Keith is forced to hand over the Wizard. Josh fights for the helm despite a bad showing. Major engine trouble threatens Wild Bill's season.


Episode 10 - Winter's Curse

A massive tidal surge threatens Josh and Monte as they chase their bounty deep into an arctic storm. Wild Bill hopes to get his broken boat off the dock. The rest of the fleet arrives for the start of Opilio.


Episode 11 - Blackout

A blackout leaves the Saga close to disaster in unfamiliar waters. Unwilling to partner, Josh must fill his quota single-handedly. Keith makes an offer only a captain could refuse.


Episode 12 - Winter's Fury

Winter season unleashes 40 knot winds and 20 foot waves. As accidents plague crews, the Bering Sea singles out one greenhorn for the worst. Strategy is critical with the crab on the move, and tension between Wizard co-captains reaches a breaking point.


Episode 13 - Baptism By Fire

It's baptism by fire aboard the Northwestern as Mandy takes her first shift in heavy seas. The Wizard crew battles over one crewman who isn't pulling his weight on deck. Caught short on bait gear and battered by high seas, Wild Bill changes his strategy.


Episode 14 - Supermoon Storm

A 150 year supermoon storm wreaks havoc on tides, churning undersea currents that rip pots right off their lines. The Coast Guard attempts a rescue mission in the heart of the storm, while Wild Bill faces his worst nightmare as a greenhorn goes overboard.


Episode 15 - Greenhorn Overboard

A greenhorn's life hangs in the balance as the Summer Bay crew scrambles to steal one of their own from the Bering Sea's icy grip. Saga and Cornelia Marie battle colossal waves of the supermoon storm, while Mandy tackles her first haul in extreme weather.


Episode 16 - Turf Wars

Sig pushes Mandy to invade the Cornelia Marie's ground, sparking a battle for the crab. As the Cornelia Marie's pots get tangled with the Northwestern's, Casey takes extreme measures to defend his turf. A Saga distress signal sends panic across the fleet.


Episode 17 - No Safe Harbor

A severe arctic gale batters the fleet, forcing captains to fight extreme wind and waves. For the second time, a greenhorn's life hangs in the balance on the Summer Bay. The Saga crew seeks shelter at St. Paul, where tidal forces snap Jake's anchor.


Episode 18 - Blood & Water

As rogue waves threaten to capsize their boats, Jake and Sean must make life or death decisions for their crews on deck. Wild Bill faces a choice that could end his career, and Keith returns to the Wizard put an unexpected end to his brother's rule.


Episode 19 - Storm Surge

Captains take on the steepest waves yet in an epic final surge to hit their quotas. Jake fights through a debilitating crew injury on deck. Josh gambles big on his crab count, while engine failure leaves Sig dead in the water.


Episode 20 - Battle Scars

Scars still fresh from a harrowing season on the Bering Sea, and battered by a never-before-seen supermoon storm, the captains reveal the most critical decisions they've made, and how those choices and actions have made them the captains they are today.


Episode 101 - Captain vs. Captain

The Captains of Catch put each other on the spot with revealing questions as they face off for the first time ever on their failures, triumphs, and most controversial moments- asking what only another captain can - plus a surprise announcement.


Episode 102 - The Bait: Live from the Docks

Live in front of an audience in Seattle, the Captains celebrate the 200th episode of Deadliest Catch, and gear up for an action packed premier. Hosted by Matt Rogers, the Captains reveal what's coming, including a Harris' return and a man overboard.


Episode 103 - The Bait: Live from the Shipyard

Before a live audience, host Matt Rogers joins the Captains as they face off on the fallout from last week and look ahead to the biggest moments. Sig, Keith, and Jake confront each other for the first time, and Wild Bill reveals how he beat Sean so hard.


Episode 104 - Legend of Jake Anderson

Against all odds, Jake Anderson fought his way back from addiction to become a captain. Now he has just two weeks to pull off another miracle, reviving his battered boat in shipyard.


Episode 105 - Coast Guard Heroes

A USCG swimmer, pilot and captain, along with Sig, Keith, Bill, Casey, Jake and Sean give an insider's look at the scariest Bering Sea rescues. Many lives are saved and sadly, a few aren't.


Episode 106 - Bering Sea Triangle

One small section of the Bering Sea has taken more human lives than any other. Why have hundreds of boats mysteriously vanished there - many without a mayday call - never to be seen again?


Episode 107 - The Bait: Surviving Winter's Wrath

The captains reveal their own accounts and share insider secrets about what's happening now on Deadliest Catch, as they battle the super moon storm, and the winter season. It's the pre-game show by the captains, for the fans, and nothing is off limits.


Episode 110 - The Bait: Trial By Captain

Captains debate how to lead in life or death situations. Sig demands Casey pay up for deliberately cutting a $1,000 pot. And it's a showdown in the galley as former chef Keith Colburn judges which captain makes the best grub.


Episode 111 - Every Crabber's Nightmare

The last leg of the season is also the deadliest and the captains reveal how they manage the risks. Crews find out what happens when an 800-pound pot lands on a crabber, and Wild Bill hears a greenhorn's confession that shakes him to his core.


Episode 112 - The Bait: Salt and Steel

For the season finale, captains share inside accounts of the season's epic final surge, and discuss the next generation of leaders. Captain Wild Bill reveals why he may have fished his last season, and Sig relives the terror of being dead in the water.


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