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Episode 1 - Call of a New Generation

In the season premiere, a young generation ventures to the Bering Sea forging unlikely wheelhouse alliances across the fleet. But as high prices draw illegal foreign boats, captains young and old must band together to defend America's prized crab grounds.


Episode 2 - Wheelhouse Bound

Sig gets tough news at sea forcing the Hansens to make a critical decision as John and Andy lend a hand. With wheelhouse ambitions, Jacob hits a wall with Keith on the Wizard. New captain Jack crosses a line when Harley makes a deal with Jake.


Episode 3 - Amazing Grace

Sig buries his beloved mother and the last of his family's pioneering generation. Sean Dwyer joins forces with Rick Shelford but the two captains don't see eye to eye on rules. Jacob fights back on the Wizard and finds no safe harbor from Captain Keith.


Episode 4 - Bering Sea Superstition

A new deckhand falls ill on the Time Bandit, raising questions for Andy and warning signs for John. A bait pallet breaks loose, forcing Captain Rick to deal with a severe crew injury. When Wild Bill's plan A fails on the Summer Bay, Maria tries plan P.


Episode 5 - In Need of Rescue

Sig returns from his mother's funeral only to find his gear in harm's way. Rick and Keith forge a beneficial partnership. Jack makes his first offload as captain. The Coast Guard gets a call to extract a sailor with broken legs 200 miles out to sea.


Episode 6 - Blood and Treasure

When Sig and Mandy disagree on fishing strategy, Clark finds himself caught in the middle. Wild Bill comes down hard on inattentive deckhands as Linda gets too close to danger. Keith pulls the Wizard alongside the Saga and unleashes unexpected bad blood.


Episode 7 - Cold Hard World

On the Saga, Sean Dwyer joins Jake for a high-risk trek west to Adak Island. Rick attempts a dangerous shortcut through the treacherous tides of Unimak Pass. Sig’s deckhand Lauritz takes a brutal fall while Johnathan bids farewell to a lifelong friend.


Episode 8 - Anchor Management

As a continent-size storm pummels the fleet, John and Andy fight to save their anchor and the boat. Rick navigates stormy seas and feuding deckhands. When an orca befriends the Northwestern, Sig and Mandy see a sign of life until it stops them fishing.


Episode 9 - Million Dollar Season

With a storm threatening his record-breaking run, Johnathan allies with Keith to triangulate the crab. Jack braves treacherous tidal currents, staking his redemption on loaded pots. In 30-foot waves, chaos strikes the Wizard when its stack breaks loose.


Episode 10 - Between Payday and Mayday

An early closure forces captains to work together to get their catch safely to port. Sig crosses a line when he repositions a rookie captain's pots. Jake and Sean race back from Adak while Linda bolsters her east coast reputation in the Bering Sea.


Episode 11 - Loose Lips Sink Ships

In the winter premiere, Johnathan hunts for crab in a secret location to which he's won exclusive rights. Sig tries his luck at a derby fishery. Keith risks an at-sea deckhand transfer, and Bob joins a fisherman's strike for higher crab prices.


Episode 12 - Tradition of Superstition

Captain Keith eagerly repositions his pots when Johnathan makes an offer he simply can't refuse. Bob follows a pod of porpoises to her first big solo haul. Fired from the Wizard, Jacob chases his dream of becoming a captain to a wholly different boat.


Episode 13 - Victory at Sea

Bob's breakout haul as a solo captain takes a turn when another vessel collides with the boat she inherited from her late parents. Cascading engine failures put Sig in a tough spot as the Coast Guard makes a surprise inspection.


Episode 16 - Pain Level Ten

When a deckhand suffers a possible heart attack on board, Keith goes into emergency mode, attempting to save his crewman's life. An explosion rocks the Time Bandit, burning Freddy and shaking Johnathan to his core. Facing capsizing, Jake must dump pots.


Episode 17 - Dead Reckoning

When Sig loses GPS navigation in crowded waters, Mandy must work a decades-old magnetic compass with no margin for error. OJ's replacement on the Wizard makes a misfit crew a bit more awkward. Bob's Bairdi haul earns her bragging rights and breakdowns.


Episode 18 - Disorder on the Border

On the Time Bandit, crew conflict in winter weather puts Johnathan's leadership to the test. Sig and Mandy risk a heavy fine chasing the biomass along a boundary line. Jake struggles with managing an injury-prone crew member hellbent on earning his share.


Episode 19 - Beware the King Tide

As a monumental king tide amplifies the sea state, Johnathan drives the Time Bandit into towering waves to haul the riskiest set of his career. Jake faces a potentially unstoppable magnesium fire, while Sig deploys evasive maneuvers to defend his catch.


Episode 20 - Battleship

Hampered by damage, Sig must outmaneuver an unknown captain to hold onto his ground. Jake allies with Wild Bill to make a critical deadline -- but when Bill calls in his own favor, time runs short. Rick devises a strategy to ensure Jacob makes it home.


Episode 21 - Last Stand of John Hillstrand

In the penultimate episode of Season 19, Johnathan scrambles to save his pots from a Bering Sea grave. Sig revives a decades-old fishing computer to find a Bairdi hotspot, while Jake's manpower shortage forces him to put his niece on the hydraulics.


Episode 101 - New Blood, Primal Fears

New blood joins familiar faces in pursuit of a lucrative new crab fishery. As the Coast Guard encounters a surge of illegal foreign vessels at sea, perils mount for the new generation and legendary captains share the secrets they’ll need to stay alive.


Episode 102 - Perfect Storm Survivor

Forged by the ferocious seas of the North Atlantic, legendary east coast captain Linda Greenlaw attempts to break into the highly competitive and highly dangerous Alaskan crab fishery for the first time in her storied career.


Episode 103 - Maiden Voyage

As a turbulent winter rages, young Captain Bob seeks to overcome tragedy to launch her maiden voyage on her late parents' crab boat. Captain Jack takes the reins of a storied vessel. Fired from the Wizard, aspiring skipper Jacob finds a new home and hope.


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