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Episode 1 - New Blood

Young Parker sets an outrageous season goal of 2,000 ounces while Tony "The Viking" Beets buys a 75-year-old gold-catch dredge. Meanwhile, Todd Hoffman is left a broken man without a crew and no plans to mine.


Episode 2 - From the Ashes

Todd Hoffman gets his washplant stuck in a river while Tony Beets nearly crushes his son beneath a conveyor. Meanwhile, Parker is forced to mine in a swamp.


Episode 3 - Golden Boy

Parker fights with his crew over running at night and Tony twists a vital steel frame on the dredge. Later, Todd, Jack and Thurber tackle their first clean up.


Episode 4 - Viking Ship

Todd is forced to sell his gold to get the mining equipment he needs while Parker hauls his washplant across the claim. Later, Tony takes to the skies to get from his claim to the gold dredge.


Episode 5 - Hard Bargain

A new agreement allows Dave to work with the Hoffman crew while Tony has a near miss and Parker fights with Rock.


Episode 6 - Cursed Cut

Dave and Todd clash over how to mine frozen ground while Tony's daughter Monica gets stuck in a bad situation. Later, Parker's hopes are drowned by multiple issues including a flooded cut.


Episode 7 - Goldzilla

Todd Hoffman needs to find a big down payment for a purchase while Parker Schnabel spends big on new equipment.


Episode 8 - Gold Blooded

Parker Schnabel goes for his best cleanup this season while Tony attempts to rip the trommel out of his 75-year-old gold dredge. Meanwhile, the Hoffmans are stunned by the death of a veteran crew member.


Episode 9 - Colossal Clean Up

Parker scores the biggest cleanup in Gold Rush history and the Hoffmans overcome a lack of water.


Episode 10 - Grandpa John

From the Kansas dustbowl to his career on an Alaskan gold mine, 94-year-old Grandpa John Schnabel continues to inspire his grandson Parker to follow in his footsteps.


Episode 11 - Parker's Accident

Parker totals his car in a head-on collision, the Hoffmans take on a dangerous haul road and Tony rebuilds his 75-year-old gold mining dredge.


Episode 12 - Ship of Fools

Parker and his grandpa go hunting for a new Klondike claim, Tony's operation grinds to a halt when his dredge crew runs out of bolts and Todd's crew discards paydirt, which causes a major financial loss.


Episode 13 - Piles of Gold

Todd and Dave begin by butting heads over how to mine but in the end, the crew scores the biggest reward they've seen all season.


Episode 14 - Gold Road

The Hoffman crew aims for its biggest weigh-in of the season while Parker learns his new cut is frozen and Tony has dredge issues.


Episode 15 - Rogue Miner

The Hoffman crew gets stuck in the mud, Parker breaks his excavator on frozen ground and Tony gets hit where it hurts most.


Episode 16 - The Monster Lives

Parker Schnabel mines an island of paydirt, while the Hoffman crew puts two rock trucks out of commission. Later, Tony Beets discovers a major electrical problem.


Episode 17 - Rivers of Gold

Parker Schnabel diverts a creek to mine a pile of gold in the riverbed while Tony’s crew has a meltdown over fitting the tailings conveyor. Meanwhile, Jack is accused of sabotaging the washplant.


Episode 18 - Frozen Gold

The Klondike winter spells disaster for the Hoffman crew while Tony's plans are derailed and Parker has an equipment breakdown.


Episode 19 - Hundreds of Ounces

The Hoffman crew makes a desperate bid to hit their season goal. Meanwhile, Tony Beets' attempt to run his million-dollar gold dredge ends in a shipwreck and Parker fights the big freeze as he pushes to hit his $2.4-million goal.


Episode 20 - Freddy Dodge Returns

Gold guru Freddy Dodge and his brother, mining legend Derek Dodge, hunt for gold in the Yukon wilderness. Despite early setbacks, Freddy is convinced that there could be a hot spot with a monster pile of gold nuggets.


Episode 21 - Millions in Gold

Parker's crew is reluctant to continue after the season ends. After getting an old dredge, Tony is determined to battle the freezing temperatures and acquire gold they need for the end of the mining season.


Episode 22 - The Whole Truth

Todd, Parker and Tony reveal the highs and lows of their most recent season before revealing their plans for the upcoming one.


Episode 101 - Heroes and Zeros

The gold mining crews take a look back at their epic fourth season and include an exclusive sneak peek of their upcoming season where new claims, miners and machines are revealed.


Episode 102 - Broken Man

Christo Doyle discusses the upcoming mining season with Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets. Todd addresses his epic failure in the jungle, Parker discloses his strategy to super-size his operation and Tony talks about his million dollar project.


Episode 103 - Parker's Plan

Christo Doyle talks with Todd and Jack about their emotional decision to mine. Parker discusses his stressful meeting with Tony Beets, while Tony reveals his plan to successfully move the dredge.


Episode 104 - Meet The Beets

Christo Doyle sits down with Tony Beets and his crew to get the dirt on the infamous dredge project along with other family secrets. Gold guru Freddy Dodge gives the scoop on his new Carmacks claim.


Episode 105 - Shaggy Parker

Christo Doyle talks with Todd and Jack Hoffman about their shot of redemption in the Klondike, and their latest move to bring Dave Turin back on the team. Parker Schnabel joins on set to discuss his new look, a cursed cut and his newest crew member.


Episode 106 - Zoo Crew

The entire Hoffman crew joins Christo Doyle to discuss rejoining Todd’s team in the Klondike. They also disclose what it took to get their monster washplant up and running.


Episode 107 - Make or Break

Christo Doyle digs in with Tony Beets on new dredge details, Todd Hoffman discusses his recently humbled persona and Parker Schnabel explains the secret weapon of his golden season. A sneak peek of the rest of the Gold Rush season is revealed.


Episode 108 - Grandpa Schnabel's Visit

Christo Doyle sits down with the Hoffman crew to discuss their grueling push for 1,000 ounces of gold at the halfway point in the mining season. Parker talks through his accident, his crew's birthday surprise and the story behind his new pimped out pump.


Episode 109 - Beets Are Back

Christo talks with Tony and the Beets family about dredge assembly, family dynamics and little known facts about everyone’s favorite Dutchman. Parker discusses his Yukon land prospects and his rollercoaster relationship with Tony.


Episode 110 - Parker and the Muscle Man

Christo sits down with Todd and Jack to talk about their visit with experienced miner Guy Favron. Then, they dig into Jack's ability to smell gold. Parker and Rick join to discuss Rick's excavator talents.


Episode 111 - Locked and Loaded

Christo sits with Parker to chat about his latest royalty issues with Tony. Then, Parker gives an inside look at his notoriously private foreman, Gene Cheesman. Freddy Dodge joins to give an update on his season at Carmacks.


Episode 112 - Beaver Fever

Christo sits down with Todd and Jack to discuss their final push for this season and Parker talks about his biggest potential breakdown ever. A remote-controlled flying octocopter camera is tested on set and the Gold Rush Proud contest winner is revealed.


Episode 113 - Finale Night

In an epic Gold Rush first, Parker, Tony and Todd come together at the table to discuss their mad dash to reach their season goals. Tensions rise as the mine bosses debate how things played out this season. Then, Grandpa Schnabel makes his Dirt debut.


Episode 114 - TV Gold

Christo talks to Todd about a fight he had with Kevin, and Grandpa Schnabel discloses what he was like at 19. Also, a look at some of the behind the scenes madness that the miners would rather you not see.


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