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Gold Rush Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 2 - Toughest, Dirtiest, Richest

Parker Schnabel goes head to head with rival Todd Hoffman to see who will be King of the Klondike; Klondike legend Tony Beets puts...


Episode 3 - Miracle on the Mountain

Todd Hoffman turns his back on guaranteed gold in the Klondike; Tony Beets buys a second dredge.


Episode 4 - Eye in the Sky

Todd Hoffman's new Oregon mine fails to deliver; Parker Schnabel's new wash plant breaks down.


Episode 5 - The Gambler

The inspiring untold story of how gold miner Todd Hoffman set out to escape the economic downturn and build a better future in the gold...


Episode 6 - Frankenstein Machinery

Todd returns to the Klondike to collect Monster Red while Parker confronts tough negotiator Tony.


Episode 7 - Mutiny

Todd finds good gold at his new High Bar mine; Parker gives his foreman Rick his own operation.


Episode 8 - Misery on the Mountain

Todd battles to get the 50 ounces of gold he needs to keep his High Bar mine open.


Episode 9 - No Crane, No Gain

Todd Hoffman moves his whole operation; Parker Schnabel is flooded out.


Episode 10 - Watery Grave

Tony arrives to find his million-dollar dredge in disaster; Rick is at his grandpa's funeral.


Episode 11 - Mega Barge & Kid Commando

Todd Hoffman digs deeper than ever in a desperate search for gold; Tony Beets hauls a monster.


Episode 12 - Record Gold

Tony Beets breaks records with a big gold haul; Parker Schnabel battles to save his dream washplant.


Episode 13 - Go Down Fighting

Todd Hoffman hits rock bottom when a key crew member quits; Tony Beets transforms some rusty relics.


Episode 14 - Game Over

With no paycheck for five weeks, Todd Hoffman's close-knit team members turn on each other.


Episode 15 - Abandonment

Todd Hoffman's crew quits, and he desperately tries to keep mining with a skeleton team.


Episode 16 - Monster Machines

The washplants featured on GOLD RUSH have trapped more than $18-million worth of gold, but which monster machines have made the most or...


Episode 17 - Lifeline

The remnants of the Hoffman crew reach their lowest point; Tony Beets fires his barge captain.


Episode 18 - Parker vs. Rick

Rick outperforms Parker on his new Indian River claim; Tony's dredge suffers a catastrophic failure.


Episode 19 - Excavator Down

Todd Hoffman eats humble pie when he begs his crew to return; Parker Schnabel loses an excavator.


Episode 20 - Double Trouble

The Hoffman crew opens a second mine in Colorado; Parker Schnabel tries out a new mechanic.


Episode 21 - Cruelest Cut

Circumstances force Parker Schnabel to call his dad in to help his struggling operation.


Episode 22 - Miners vs. Beavers

Todd's whole operation is brought to a halt; Parker's plant move turns into an excavator nightmare.


Episode 23 - Dredge vs. Washplant

Todd finds monster nuggets on the top of a mountain; Parker and Rick struggle with a conveyor.


Episode 24 - Viking Voyage

Todd uses dynamite to blast boulders and get to the gold; Parker has to overcome a flood.


Episode 25 - Final Fury

A fist fight on the Hoffman claim ends in a resignation; Tony's plan hits a brick wall.


Episode 26 - War and Peace

The miners reveal the secrets of the gold mining season, including issues on Parker's claim.


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