The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Breakdown, Pt. 1

Larry struggles with the prospect of another divorce.


Episode 2 - The Breakdown, Pt. 2

Artie and Hank try to help Larry cope with his divorce.


Episode 3 - The List

Larry discovers some revealing secrets about his ex-wife, Francine.


Episode 4 - The Stalker

Larry worries about being stalked by an obsessive fan.


Episode 5 - Larry's Agent

Larry decides to drop his longtime manager with a new, hotshot, up-and-coming Hollywood agent.


Episode 6 - The Hankerciser

Hank's endorsement of an exercise device creates trouble; Arthur conducts a behind-the-scenes tour of the show for his television class.


Episode 7 - Life Behind Larry

Larry must choose the host for a new late night show; Hank goes on the rampage to find the prankster who sabotaged his fan newsletter with a lewd remark.


Episode 8 - Artie's Gone

Arthur finds himself stuck on the road and asks Paula to produce the show in his absence, but no one tells Larry.


Episode 9 - Larry Loses Interest

Larry begins to lose interest in his show and throws his interest into a potential film project.


Episode 10 - Larry's Partner

Larry's old stand up partner shows up unexpectedly.


Episode 11 - Broadcast Nudes

Darlene is asked to pose for Playboy.


Episode 12 - Larry's Birthday

A staff shake up interrupts preparations for Larry's surprise birthday party.


Episode 13 - Being There

Larry struggles with Francine's independence; Hank feels threatened by a funny new bandleader.


Episode 14 - The Performance Artist

An avant garde artist's performance poses a problem for Larry.


Episode 15 - Hank's Wedding

Hank decides to get married on the show.


Episode 16 - Off Camera

A magazine writer peeks behind the scene of the show.


Episode 17 - The Grand Opening

Hanks struggles to open the Look-A-Round Café.


Episode 18 - New York or LA

Larry's future is in doubt when the network is sold.


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