The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Everybody Loves Larry

While trying to keep guest host Jon Stewart from gaining a foothold in the show, Larry wonders if actor David Duchovny is gay.


Episode 2 - My Name Is Asher Kingsley

Hank's religious conversion makes Larry and the network uncomfortable.


Episode 3 - Where Is the Love?

Larry finds himself at war with Washington Post critic Tom Shales.


Episode 4 - Ellen, or Isn't She

Larry is pressed to get Ellen DeGeneres to come out on his show; a look at the show's confidential budget divides the staff.


Episode 5 - The New Writer

Phil tries to undercut a new female writer; Hank worries that Kevin Nealon is after his job.


Episode 6 - Matchmaker

Hank tries to counter a rumor that he's gay; Larry is reluctant to fire an incompetent staff member.


Episode 7 - Make a Wish

Larry wants to make a popular magazine's sexiest men list; Hank's cigar smuggling operation is uncovered by the Customs Service.


Episode 8 - Artie, Angie, Hank and Hercules

Arthur cannot resist getting caught up in his obsession with actress Angie Dickinson.


Episode 9 - The Prank

While Larry suspects new girlfriend Lori Loughlin of stealing some money, Hank woos a down-to-earth single mother; Phil hatches a scheme to meet some attractive young models.


Episode 10 - The Book

Larry decides to write a kiss-and-tell memoir of his show business career.


Episode 11 - Pain Equals Funny

Larry makes Paula her a producer without consulting Arthur first; Phil's girlfriend affects his work.


Episode 12 - The Roast

Arthur persuades Larry to be honored at a celebrity roast.


Episode 13 - Larry's New Love

Larry's in love, but his co-workers suspect his new girlfriend may have an ulterior motive.


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