The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Roseanne's Return

Larry frets over a upcoming appearance by Roseanne.


Episode 2 - Hank's New Assistant

Hank discovers that Darlene's replacement is gay; Larry frets over a Dana Carvey impression of him.


Episode 3 - Arthur After Hours

Frustrated with Larry's power trips, Arthur considers quitting the show.


Episode 4 - The Bump

Larry struggles to schedule comedian Jeff Cesario on the show.


Episode 5 - Jeannie's Visit

A surprise visit by Larry's ex-wife Jeannie results in fireworks.


Episode 6 - The P.A.

Hank hires his ne'er do well son to work on the show.


Episode 7 - Hank's Sex Tape

An embarrassing videotape poses problems for Hank.


Episode 8 - Nothing Personal

As he's pressed to invite his friend Jeff Goldblum to appear on the show, Larry enlists his own staff to get him a date with a network publicist.


Episode 9 - Brother Can You Spare 1.2 Million?

Larry discovers that his business manager has left him in financial ruin.


Episode 10 - Conflict of Interest

Paula's romance with Larry's agent causes problems on the show.


Episode 11 - I Was a Teenage Lesbian

Paula deals with a health problem, and with comedian Brett Butler, with whom she once had a lesbian affair.


Episode 12 - Larry's Sitcom

Larry takes on the network over a new comedy series featuring Chris Elliott.


Episode 13 - Larry's Big Idea

Larry decides to feature his staff on the show.


Episode 14 - Beverly and the Prop Job

Her brother's observations about racism at the show prompt Beverly to look for another job.


Episode 15 - 0.409

Larry's romance with a teenage intern causes trouble at work.


Episode 16 - Eight

It's the night of Larry's eighth anniversary show and all is not well. Besides Hank's long-standing dispute with musical guest kd lang, Larry's NCAA Final Four basketball tickets may be in danger if Arthur has to bump sportscaster Pat O'Brien. When a mix-up with the limo driver forces her to drive herself to the show, Rosie O'Donnell won't help Paula with a pre-show interview, preferring to just wing it with Larry instead. And then Larry starts the show without his usual bathroom stop. After "Chicago Hope's" Mandy Patinkin decides at the last minute against doing a comic sketch with "ER's" Noah Wyle, an unexpected encounter with Rosie keeps Larry from the bathroom during a commercial break. So, with Arthur holding actor George Segal in reserve as a surprise walk-on guest, Larry gamely presses on. But his next opportunity for a bathroom break is also thwarted when Rosie announces she's leaving to check on her new car after it's been hit by Farrah Fawcett. Though barely able to contain himself, Larry's next bathroom run is interrupted by the surprise appearance of former "Tonight Show" producer Fred De Cordova. And when he tries slipping out during her musical number, he is unexpectedly drawn into to kd lang's act. An occupied bathroom and Farrah Fawcett once again force Larry back onto the set with Pat O'Brien and Rosie O'Donnell. Finally, when he can't stand it any longer and asks to stop the show, Arthur springs George Segal's big surprise.


Episode 17 - Larry's On Vacation

While Larry is away, guest host Sandra Bernhard's manager plots to take over the show.


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