The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Montana

Arthur and Larry plot his return to the show.


Episode 2 - You're Having My Baby

A Montana woman claims to be pregnant with Larry's child.


Episode 3 - Would You Do Me a Favor?

Larry's father visits; Beverly feels under appreciated.


Episode 4 - The Gift

Paula struggles to keep guest Danny DeVito from canceling.


Episode 5 - People's Choice

Larry is upset when Arthur is hired to produce the People's Choice Awards.


Episode 6 - Hank's Night in the Sun

Larry takes ill and Hank is called on to host the show.


Episode 7 - Office Romance

The show's staff is at odds over Larry's romance with Darlene.


Episode 8 - The Mr. Sharon Stone Show

A date with guest Sharon Stone causes Larry problems.


Episode 9 - Headwriter Phil

Phil lobbies to be made the show's head writer.


Episode 10 - Like No Business I Know

An appearance by Bobcat Goldthwait creates tension; Hank entertains a job offer from Regis Philbin.


Episode 11 - Larry Loses a Friend

Guest Jon Lovitz pursues a date with Darlene.


Episode 12 - Doubt of the Benefit

Larry thinks his refusal to host a charity benefit has spoiled his chances to get Rob Reiner as a guest.


Episode 13 - Hank's Divorce

Hank's marriage is in trouble on its one year anniversary.


Episode 14 - The Fourteenth Floor

Larry pays the price for offending the network on his show.


Episode 15 - Next Stop...Bottom

Hank hits the skids during his divorce.


Episode 16 - Arthur's Crisis

Although Arthur is having an affair, Larry worries that he is being courted for another job.


Episode 17 - End of the Season

Roseanne helps Larry with his addiction to painkillers.


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