The Larry Sanders Show Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Another List

Larry feels pressure from the network after a good showing by guest host Jon Stewart; Hank finds a fan who eerily looks like him.


Episode 2 - Show 604

Larry's stalled contract negotiations could mean the end of his show.


Episode 3 - As My Career Lay Dying

With Larry's show coming to an end, everyone on the staff looks to the future.


Episode 4 - Pilots and Pens Lost

Arthur loses a valuable gift from Larry; Phil quits to write his own show.


Episode 5 - The Interview

Larry tries to have a revealing interview edited; Mary Lou tries telling Hank that she hit his car.


Episode 6 - Adolph Hankler

Guest host Jon Stewart stumbles when he tries to refashion Larry's show.


Episode 7 - Beverly's Secret

Larry and the staff try to identify the guest who got Beverly pregnant; Hank moves in with a Wisconsin family for a week.


Episode 8 - I Buried Sid

Hank worries that his jealous criticism drove Larry's longtime cue card man to commit suicide.


Episode 9 - Just the Perfect Blendship

Larry worries that his dating actress Gina Gershon might ruin his longtime friendship with Jeff Goldblum; Mary Lou nervously agrees to book Wendy as a comic on the show.


Episode 10 - Putting the "Gay" Back in Litigation

Larry's final week on the show is marred when Phil's gay jokes force Brian to sue for sexual harassment.


Episode 11 - Flip, Pt. 1

Larry prepares to close out his talk show career with one final show.


Episode 12 - Flip, Pt. 2

Larry's last show nearly falls apart.


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